SBS Technologies Teams with Tracewell Systems To Deliver Complete Solutions for VMEbus and COTS

SBS Technologies® (Nasdaq: SBSE) today announced its alliance with Tracewell Systems, Inc. to deliver complete, integrated solutions to the VMEbus market and COTS military market. The partnership leverages SBS' embedded computing expertise and product breadth and Tracewell's system integration and signature system advantages to provide complete, integrated solutions to the EMS/COTS marketplace. "The combined capabilities of Tracewell Systems and SBS Technologies will ensure a unique position in the EMS/COTS industry, offering technologies previously proven in aircraft, shipboard and land-based as well as unique products in the tele/datacom and test and measurement markets giving us a distinct competitive edge," added Matt Tracewell, Executive Vice President of Tracewell Systems. "We are excited to combine the experiences of SBS and their respected quality product line to provide fully integrated level 5 products previously unseen in our industry." "We are very pleased to align with Tracewell as it allows us to present our embedded processor board customers with a complete solution for VME and ruggedized COTS applications," comments Clarence Peckham, President of Government Group, SBS Technologies. "Tracewell offers several unique advantages that are unmatched in the marketplace, including a patented, Advanced Vector Controlled Air Flow (AVCAF) cooling process and an exceptionally rugged power supply system bolted directly to the backplane. These features provide precise airflow distribution for cooling and a power supply that completely eliminates the need for cabling." SBS standard and customized VME, PCI and CompactPCI CPUs support both Intel and Pentium architectures and serve the commercial, communications and government sectors. These designs offer embedded computing solutions for real-time control, simulation, operator interface, factory automation and many other similar applications. About SBS Technologies SBS Technologies (Nasdaq: SBSE) is a leading designer and manufacturer of open-architecture, standard bus embedded computer components that system designers can easily utilize to create a custom solution specific to the user's unique application. SBS embedded computer components are used in OEM applications such as telecommunications base stations and routers, medical imaging machines, automation and control equipment, and aerospace devices. SBS product lines include CPU boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, computer interconnection and expansion units, and complete computer systems. Statements in this press release regarding SBS Technologies, Inc. and its business that are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements," including explicit statements regarding product availability and applications, and implicit suggestions regarding the market potential of our business and expectations of future orders. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For information about risks and uncertainties that could affect the accuracy of the forward-looking statements, please refer to SBS Technologies' filings with the SEC, including SBS' Annual Report on Form 10-K. About Tracewell Systems For more than 25 years, Tracewell Systems, Inc. has provided electronic packaging and integration solutions that enhance the performance of a wide range of VME, VXI, PXI, cPCI, and proprietary bus systems. Providing levels 0 through 5 of system integration, and specializes in levels 3, 4, and 5. As a vertically integrated manufacturer with a full range of engineering disciplines, Tracewell Systems supplies complete level 5 system integration, from concept design, software and manufacturing services, including system engineering, PC board assembly, metal fabrication, wiring and functional test. The company offers complete design and manufacture of system packaging, backplanes, power and monitoring systems, supplying everything from off-the-shelf standard products to fully customized and integrated rack systems. Tracewell works as a strategic partner with its customers, adding value through development of system solutions for telecommunications, test and measurement, medical, military and other demanding applications. For more information about Tracewell Systems, please visit Tracewell Contact:
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