SBS Technologies Releases V5CXT - Enhanced VMEbus Single-board Embedded Computer

  • Extended version of the existing V5C with extended temperature and more robustness

  • 1GB Memory

  • 6U VME64 single slot CPU board

  • Addresses the VMEbus market segment between commercial grade and conduction cooled requirements

  • Compliant with PC99 design guide
V5CXT is a single board embedded computer for the VMEbus, with a Celeron® processor that gives the user optimal performance. Using an architecture based around a local PCI bus, the V5CXT offers advanced memory technologies, processor speeds to 566MJZ, SVGA GUI accelerated PCI Bus video, fast SCSI-2/wide, dual high speed 10/100BaseT Ethernet on a custom DB9 connector, and VMEbus VME64 Block Mode transfer capability. The result is high-end workstation performance in only one VMEbus slot. V5CXT features new architecture based on the high-speed PCI bus. As a result, peripherals such as video and Ethernet, as well as the VME interface, have a high-bandwidth connection to the processor. The V5CXT has been designed to provide all the features of a complete PC99 compatible motherboard (w/sound excluded), along with additional features such as two built-in Ethernet ports, SCSI-2, and hardware extensions necessary for VMEbus Master/Slave capability. The V5CXT incorporates an advanced third generation ALI Aladdin-PRO II® chipset that is fully compatible with industry standard PC hardware and software. For a fast and flexible interface to the VMEbus, the V5CXT uses the industry standard Tundra Universe® II VMEbus Interface Controller. Pricing and Availability
Please contact the SBS sales team for specific pricing information. Product is currently available. About SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE), founded in 1986, designs and builds open architecture embedded computer products that enable original equipment manufacturers to serve the commercial, communication and government markets. SBS products are integrated into a variety of applications including communication networking, medical imaging, industrial automation, and military systems. The portfolio includes an extensive line of CPU boards, computer interconnections, avionics, telemetry, and fully integrated systems and enclosures. SBS Technologies is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is located in 19 locations in 7 countries. More information on SBS is available at
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