SBS Technologies Named One Of Business Week's 100 Hot Growth Companies

SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE) today announced that it has been ranked 53 of 100 Hot Growth companies by Business Week in its 2001 list reported in the June 11, 2001 issue. Business Week's annual Hot Growth list ranks publicly traded companies based on average sales and earnings growth and average return on capital over three years. SBS was listed 90 on the list in 1999. The 2001 combined list features average annual sales growth of 42.4% and average annual earnings growth of 80.7% for the past three years, exceeding the Standard & Poor's Industrials index, which reported 11.5% sales growth and 15.6% earnings growth during the same period. In addition to this year''s listing, the article features the 2-year total return on the top ten stocks that were ranked on both the 1999 and 2001 lists. According to the Business Week article, SBS is ranked 10 on that list with a total shareholder return of 120.7% over the past two years (stock price as of April 30, 2001). "After all the numbers were crunched, the ranking revealed a small-cap sector that's still a hotbed of innovation and growth," stated the article in Business Week. "The technology sector overall may be hurting, but there are plenty of high-tech winners on hand," the article continued. "We are very pleased to receive this recognition as a leading growth company by one of the world's foremost business publications. SBS will continue to strive to merit this kind of recognition," said Grahame E. Rance, President and CEO of SBS Technologies. "The performance of our company is the result of a lot of hard work by our employees and their continuing efforts in satisfying customers and building the strategic value of SBS," Rance continued. About SBS Technologies, Inc. SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE) is a leading designer and manufacturer of open-architecture, standard bus embedded computer components that system designers can easily use to create a custom solution specific to their customer's application. SBS embedded computer components are used in OEM applications such as telecommunications base stations and routers, medical imaging machines, automation and control equipment, and aerospace devices. SBS product lines include CPU boards, Wide Area Network (WAN) input/output (I/O) modules, general-purpose I/O modules, avionics modules and analyzers, computer interconnection and expansion units, and complete computer systems. For news releases, product and other information, visit the SBS Web site at This release contains forward-looking statements regarding SBS' market capitalization and overall market performance that is subject to a number of risks and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those suggested or implied in these forward-looking statements. Among such factors are: business and economic conditions generally, and in the markets addressed by all SBS products; customer acceptance of and demand for all SBS products; SBS' ability to design, test and introduce new products on a timely basis and to economically and effectively integrate its products to reach the intended market; the cyclical nature of the markets addressed by SBS products; and additional risk factors listed in SBS' Form 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2000 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.