SBS Technologies Modular I/O Announces PMC-1000BT High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Interface

<LI> Category 5 UTP support using Broadcom BCM5400 <LI> Single auto-negotiating 100BaseTX/1000BaseT Ethernet port <LI> Offers front panel I/O via RJ45 connectors

SBS Technologies Inc., Modular I/O today announced the availability of the PMC-1000BT, a high performance Gigabit Ethernet interface controller port on a single-wide PMC module. The PMC-1000BT is designed for embedded telecommunications, network access and data communications applications that require high-speed data throughput. SBS Modular I/O expects to ship the module in production quantities in January 2000.

"The new PMC-1000BT is designed to work as an integral part of the datacom infrastructure," explains David Greig, General Manager of SBS Technologies, Inc., Modular I/O. "The module leverages the capabilities of the Broadcom BCM5400 PHY to enable connectivity over Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) copper wiring, eliminating the need for system designers to rewire networks to support fiber-based products." Price and Availability
The PMC-1000BT will be available for shipment in January 2000. It is priced at $695 (list). Drivers for Windows NT 4.0 and VxWorks 5.3 will also be available.

The PMC-1000BT offers a single high performance Gigabit Ethernet interface controller port on a standard PMC module. It includes 32 Kybtes of transmit and 64 Kybtes of receive FIFO, which allows back-to-back transmission with minimum interface latency. It also features a 100BaseTX and 1000BaseT auto-detection CSMA/CD interface controller. PMC-1000BT utilizes the Broadcom BCM5400 PHY and the Level 1 LXT1001 PCI Controller/Ethernet MAC. The Ethernet network interface complies with the IEEE 802.3 for 100BaseTx and IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT over Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Both full duplex and half duplex modes are supported. PMC-1000BT is also compliant with standard single-wide PMC specifications IEEE P1386.1.

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