SBS Technologies Leads Industry with the First InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter on a PMC

  • Dual-port 4x InfiniBand HCA on a PCI mezzanine card (PMC)
  • Powerful Mellanox® InfiniHost silicon
  • Brings high-speed InfiniBand networking to embedded computing
  • Ideal for applications needing to rapidly move large quantities of data Albuquerque, NM (November 05, 2003) – SBS Technologies® (Nasdaq: SBSE), a leading provider of embedded computing technology, introduced the IB4X-PMC-2 Host Channel Adapter (HCA). This is the first InfiniBand HCA to be provided on a PCI mezzanine card (PMC), bringing the advantages of high-speed InfiniBand technology to the world of embedded computing. Each of its two 4X InfiniBand Channels offer 20 Gigabits/second (Gb/s) -10 Gb/s in each direction - bandwidth and low CPU utilization. The PMC HCA is ideal for embedded applications that need a high-speed, low latency data mover. "With the introduction of an HCA on a PMC, InfiniBand technology truly enters the realm of embedded computing," said Bill Molyneux, Vice President of SBS' General Purpose I/O Products. "We combined the performance of Mellanox's second generation InfiniHost chip with the features needed for embedded applications, including PMC form factor, strong management software, and support for several application protocols." "SBS' new PMC Host Channel Adapter is the right product for the embedded market," said Kevin Deierling, Vice President of Product Marketing for Mellanox. "Offering a link to PMC moves InfiniBand technology into the open systems embedded market and provides a high speed interconnect technology that can be easily integrated into military, medical, avionics, broadcasting and telecommunication applications." IB4X-PMC-2 Features
    With dual 20 Gb/s 4x InfiniBand ports, the IB4X-PMC-2 HCA is a second-generation product designed to take advantage of the full performance of high-speed InfiniBand fabrics in embedded environments. Based on Mellanox InfiniHost silicon, this board is capable of full wire speed transmissions over InfiniBand links. It also fully supports RDMA transfers, which reduce CPU overhead and free host processors for application use. In addition, this HCA includes application support for Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP), Internet Protocol over InfiniBand (IPoIB) to enable TCP/IP to run over InfiniBand links, and SCSI Remote Protocol (SRP) initiator to enable storage area networking (SAN). The IB4X-PMC-2 HCA can handle a 32- or 64-bit PCI bus with frequencies of 33 or 66 MHz and PCI-X bus frequencies of 66, 100 or 133 MHz. It comes with 128 Mbytes of high-speed DDR memory and features sophisticated quality of service (QoS) at each port to manage performance levels. A Linux driver for RedHat Linux 7.3 is included with the hardware. For VxWorks® with character device interface (Mirror API™) please contact SBS. InfiniBand Technology Defined
    With 20 Gb/s bandwidth, InfiniBand architecture is a high-performance interconnect technology with an intelligent switched fabric. A primary component of InfiniBand technology is the HCA, which provides transport services over the switch fabric. Fabric end nodes are either host nodes with HCAs or target nodes with Target Channel Adapters (TCAs). These end nodes can be interconnected using InfiniBand switches. InfiniBand architecture not only provides high speed, but its intelligent fabric offloads the computer processing system from complex overhead and housekeeping tasks by accessing memory directly with its Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) feature. These features make InfiniBand technology an excellent choice for applications such as computer clustering, storage, communications, and data transport. Price and Availability
    The IB4X-PMC-2 HCA is available now. Pricing starts at $2,195.00. SBS also offers the EIS-4008-CU data communications switch that features 8 independent, bi-directional ports that can be configured as 4x or 1x InfiniBand links, and the IB4X-PCIX-2 dual port 4x InfiniBand HCA on a PCI-X card. About SBS Technologies, Inc.
    SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE), founded in 1986, designs and builds open architecture embedded computer products that enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to serve the commercial, communication, enterprise, and government markets. SBS products are integrated into a variety of applications, including communication networking, medical imaging, industrial automation, and military systems. The portfolio includes an extensive line of CPU boards, computer interconnections, avionics, telemetry, and fully integrated systems and enclosures. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS maintains eight primary operating locations, has regional sales offices throughout the United States and has international sales offices in five countries. More information on SBS is available at
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