SBS Technologies Introduces Ready Driver™ Interoperability Program for Easy Integration of Processor and I/O Boards Running under VxWorks®

Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 22, 2003) – SBS Technologies® (Nasdaq: SBSE) today introduced Ready Driver, an SBS company-wide interoperability program between SBS single board computers and I/O hardware, thereby providing our customers the greatest ease in computing system integration. Ready Driver assures product compatibility, eliminates integration efforts, and offers the convenience of one-source support for SBS processor and I/O products. The first phase of Ready Driver supports SBS single board computers and I/O interfaces running under the VxWorks operating system. When the I/O driver and the board support package (BSP) on a processor lack common routines, the customer needs to port the I/O driver to be compatible with the single board computer's BSP before any useful work can be done. In the worst case, porting involves weeks to months of effort. SBS' customers purchasing a Ready Driver single board computer and a Ready Driver I/O product are assured that no porting effort is needed. Integration simply consists of booting the single board computer, then downloading the driver object. No compiling is required. "We applaud SBS' initiative on enhancing software and hardware integration for our customers," said Dave Scheaffer, Senior Director of the Alliance Group for WindRiver. Ready Driver defines a common set of routines that are exposed by the BSP and used by the I/O driver. Forming the BSP Abstraction Layer, the routines allow the I/O driver to be written without knowledge of the specific BSP or underlying hardware on which it runs. Different processor types and the endian method are also taken into account. "VxWorks is the operating system of choice for a significant number of SBS customers," said Dave Greig, President and Chief Operating Officer of SBS Technologies. "While the BSP written by VxWorks for single board computers has a well defined set of routines, there is no common set of routines defined to address the vast number of I/O interfaces on the market today." Greig continued, "By defining a common BSP, we eliminate the hassles that our customers face when porting I/O drivers. SBS Ready Driver products work together out of the box, saving our customers valuable time and resources." Products currently supported by Ready Driver for VxWorks:
SBS Single Board Computers SBS I/O Products Non-SBS single board computers tested and validated to work with Ready Driver I/O products
VG5 All PCI to VME bus adapters Generic pcPentium
CM4 All PCi to PCI bus adapters Motorola MCP750
VG4 All Fibre Channel HBAs Radstone G4DSP
RL4 All Gigabit Ethernet cards Synergy DSP-VSS4
CK3 ABI-PMC2CC-2 card  
Future SBS single board computers and I/O products supporting VxWorks will support SBS Ready Driver Abstraction Routines. About SBS Technologies
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