SBS Technologies, Inc. Telemetry and Communications Products Introduces the Model 4434-P Digital Multi-Mode Baseband Demodulator

<li>PM/FM subcarrier &shy; 250 Hz to 2.5 MHz <li>FM mode supports all IRIG 106-93 CBW and PBW subcarriers <li>Optimized for digital or analog data output from either demodulator <li>Built-in PM/FM digita

vSBS Technologies, Inc., Telemetry and Communications Products announces the Model 4434-P, a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm based multi-mode demodulator for the PC/ISA bus. The Model 4434-P is capable of demodulating baseband PM and FM subcarriers with a programmable subcarrier frequency range from 250 Hz to 2.5 MHz with output filter data rates from 1 Hz to 500 kHz.

"The new digital demodulator makes use of the latest DSP technologies to provide us the flexibility to accommodate our customers