SBS Technologies, Inc., Modular I/O Introduces PMC UltraWide SCSI Interface

<LI> Features LSI Logic UltraWide (Fast-40) controller <LI> Ideal for disk, tape and CD-ROM storage media applications <LI> VxWorks, LynxOS and Windows NT device drivers available

SBS Technologies Inc., Modular I/O announces the availability of PMC-UltraSCSI, a new high performance UltraWide SCSI (Fast-40) adapter solution in a PMC form factor. For VME, CompactPCI, or PCI-based systems, PMC-UltraSCSI offers synchronous SCSI data rates up to 40 Mbytes/sec and up to 20 Mbytes/sec for asynchronous transfers. It features the LSI Logic SYM53C875 UltraWide SCSI controller, with SCSI SCRIPTS processor support.

"We designed PMC-UltraSCSI in response to the growing market demand for complete I/O solutions," says Chris Thompson, General Manager of SBS Technologies Inc., Modular I/O. "It is ideal for embedded telecom and data communications applications where critical account data must be uploaded to high performance SCSI devices, or as the interface to high-speed disk duplication equipment for industrial automation equipment environments."

Price and Availability
PMC-UltraSCSI is available now. Single quantity pricing is $350. Options include front-panel or back-panel I/O access and single-ended or differential SCSI bus support.

The PMC-UltraSCSI supports UltraWide (Fast-40), as well as UltraSCSI (Fast-20), SCSI-I, SCSI-II and SCSI-III type interfaces. It provides bus transfer rates up to 40 MB/sec for synchronous transfers across a 16-bit bus.

Also, 4KB of on-chip static RAM is available for SCSI SCRIPTS instruction storage to control the SCSI device. PMC-UltraSCSI supports DMA with 536 bytes of FIFO. The module is compliant with standard single-wide PMC specifications IEEE P1386.1 and PCI specifications. VxWorks 5.3, LynxOS and Windows NT device drivers are available from SBS Technologies, Modular I/O.

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