SBS Technologies, Inc. Modular I/O Introduces Dual Fast Ethernet Interface for 3U CompactPCI

<li>Two 10BaseT/100BaseTx Ethernet ports</li><li>I/O via front panel RJ45 connectors</li><li>Drivers for VxWorks and Windows NT</li>

SBS Technologies, Inc. Modular I/O today announced the CP-3101, a new 3U CompactPCI board with two independent, high-performance Fast Ethernet controller ports. The CP-3101 is a cost-effective means for system designers to increase Ethernet capabilities in CompactPCI systems. &8220;The CP-3101 is another example of our commitment to provide our customers with a wide range of Fast Ethernet interface options. Over the past year, SBS Technologies has been building an extensive line of Ethernet modules to cater to the varying needs of system designers,&8221; says David Greig, Vice President, SBS Technologies Computer Group. &8220;The new CP-3101 allows designers to realize low-cost, high-performance Ethernet expansion in CompactPCI applications.&8221; Price and Availability The CP-3101 will be available for production shipments in April. It is priced at $395 (list). Driver support is available for the VxWorks and Windows NT operating systems. Features The CP-3101 provides two independent high performance Fast Ethernet ports on a single 3U CompactPCI board. Based on the Intel 82559ER Fast Ethernet PCI Controller, back-to-back transmissions with minimum interface latency are realized through two large transmit and receive FIFOs. The CP-3101 provides IEEE 802.3 auto-negotiation support and includes a number of sophisticated features such as Manchester encoding/decoding (10BaseTx), 4B/5B encoding/decoding (100BaseTx) and scrambling/descrambling (100BaseTx). LAN connectivity is through two front panel RJ45 connectors. The CP-3101 complies with the IEEE 802.3 standard for 10BaseT and 100BaseTx. Both full- and half-duplex modes are supported. About SBS Technologies, Inc., Modular I/O An ISO-9001 registered company, SBS Technologies, Inc. Modular I/O designs, manufactures and markets modular I/O solutions using mezzanine standards such as IndustryPack®, PC&8226;MIP, and PMC for PCI, CompactPCI, VME, ISA, STD32, PC/104 and stand-alone embedded platforms. Currently, over 125 SBS Technologies I/O modules are available for digital I/O, analog I/O, data communications, motion control, field bus, temperature measurement and graphics controller applications. SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE) is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components that perform a broad range of functions. SBS product lines include CPU boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as communications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation, in the commercial and aerospace markets. For further information on SBS Technologies, Inc. Modular I/O, contact 8371C Central Avenue, Newark, CA 94560; Phone: (510) 742-2500; Fax: (510) 742-2501; Email:; Web site:

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