SBS Technologies, Inc., Industrial Computers Introduces Model ALM-200 Alarm Monitoring Panel and ALM-ISA-01 ISA Interface Card for Non-Segmented Backplanes

<LI> Controls up to four processor cards and power segments <LI> Monitors fan speed, temperature, voltage, power supplies, and watchdog timer status <LI> Software access with standard or power segm

SBS Technologies, Inc., Industrial Computers announces the Model ALM-200 environmental status monitor and user interface panel for control of up to four systems and power segments. The Model ALM-200 monitors fan speed, the system's internal temperature, the backplane input voltage, the dual power supplies, and the watchdog timer, providing audible alarm indication as well as buffered system status. It has been designed for use with SBS Technologies' dual power segmented backplanes, Model BP20CI-PS (20-slot ISA) or Model BP19FP-PS (19-slot PCI/ISA). It can be connected to standard, non-power segmented backplanes with SBS