SBS Technologies, Inc., Industrial Computers Announces Model FTU-3000 Customizable Industrial Fault Resilient Enclosure

<li>Holds up to 24 3.5-inch drive bays</li><li>Hot-swappable power supplies</li><li>Eight cooling fans - over 540CFM</li><li>Optional alarm system monitoring</li>

SBS Technologies, Inc., Industrial Computers announces the Model FTU-3000, the latest rack mount fault resilient PC in its PRO Reliant Series. The FTU-3000 is a high-capacity, rugged enclosure specifically designed for use as a video, file, RAID, or telecommunications server. "The Model FTU-3000 is a unique computer system in that it allows installation of up to 24 3.5-inch drives with up to one-half terabyte of storage space," said Jeff Jones, General Manager for SBS Technologies, Inc., Industrial Computers. "This space-saving, all-in-one design feature is ideal for applications where there is limited rack space. No extra RAID box sub-systems are needed. Plus, it is easily customized for mission-critical applications by adding power-segmented backplanes and system alarm monitoring for true fault tolerance." Price and Availability The Model FTU-3000 (17"W x 22.0"D x 12.25"H) is priced from $2,995 (list) and is now available. Features The Model FTU-3000 is equipped with dual hot-swappable, redundant 400W AC power supplies, a 19-slot PCI/ISA passive backplane, an adjustable card hold-down bracket, and up to 24 3.5-inch drive bays on a removable, sliding platform. Options available include a variety of PCI/ISA backplanes with up to 16 PCI slots, a 20-slot ISA or 19-slot PCI/ISA power segmented backplane, system alarm monitoring, DC power supplies, three 300W hot-swap power supplies, and customized paint, logo, rear panels and mechanical design. The FTU-3000 comes standard with 19 3.5-inch and 2 5.25-inch drive bays. It can be configured with up to 24 3.5-inch drive bays for applications requiring maximum storage. The drive bay tray is removable via heavy-duty ball bearing slides for easy integration and maintenance. A quick disconnect feature allows the drive tray to instantly separate from the drive cable assemblies without effort. Positive pressure, filtered cooling is provided by eight high efficiency, ball bearing fans, producing a total more than 540CFM. The three main hot-swappable fans (90CFM each) provide filtered air across the card cage. They are located behind the front panel grill and are easily retrieved through the top cover via thumbscrews. Three additional fans (90CFM each) are located on the lower left side of the enclosure and provide filtered air across the drive bay tray. The two fans in the power supplies provide additional airflow throughout the case. The rear panel contains an input power connector (AC, DC, dual input DC) and an I/O area that is completely configurable to the end user