SBS Technologies, Inc. Embedded Computers Announces Compact Embedded PC for DIN Rail Mounting

<li>Embedded PC with 500 MHZ Celeron&trade; processor<li>Compact, CE-certified metal casing<li>DIN rail mounting for fast system assembly<li>Provides diverse functionality in compact form factor</li>

SBS Technologies, Inc., Embedded Computers announces the PC7, an embedded PC with a Celeron&8482; processor (400/500 MHz) in a compact CE-certified metal casing (measuring 5.71 x 9.02 x 3.62 inches) ready for DIN rail mounting. The PC7 contains a power supply unit and requires a non-critical voltage range from 10V to 30VDC &8211; making it ideal for mobile industrial control applications. All connections and interfaces are easily accessible. Monitors and displays can be connected via a VGA, LCD or PanelLink® interface. The PC7 is designed for plant control applications and most automation functions. Other applications include indicator instrumentation, transportation, automated ticketing machines and building surveillance systems. Fast assembly and a compact design enable the PC7 to be easily swapped during routine service maintenance procedures. I/O modules with analog I/O (CAN-A) or digital I/O(CAN-D) are linked up to the PC7 via a CANopen protocol. Up to 64 modules (DIN rail) can be connected in order to control and monitor dispersed parts of the plant within a CAN network of up to 1,056 feet. Three PC/104+ interfaces are provided for Interbus-S or a Profibus connections. If necessary, two PC card slots can be used instead of one PC/104+ slot. When required, an Ethernet connection (10/100Mbits/sec.) links the system to the next higher conductor level. The PC7 is capable of managing every level of plant automation. A wide range of operating system software is supported, such as Windows-based(98/NT/NTembedded), real time systems (VxWorks, QNX) and Linux. MS-DOS can also be provided so that application software, which is already well established, can still be used. Availability The PC7 will be available in the second quarter of 2000. Features The platform consists of the Celeron&8482; processor (400 or 500 MHz), the Intel 82810 chip set and memory of up to 256MB in size with 100 MHz SDRAMs. On the underside of the PC7 the following connections are provided: Ethernet (10/100baseTx), keyboard and mouse, two USB sockets, VGA/LCD, four serial interfaces, two LPT interfaces, CANbus, opto-isolated digital I/Os (2x interrupt input, 3x output), the power supply and optional TMDS interface. A hard disk with up to 10GB is integrated within the PC7 via the EIDE interface; two further hard disks or a CD-ROM can be connected from the outside by means of a connector in the casing. In applications that do not have a hard disk for safety reasons (i.e. shock, vibration), it is possible to use a Flash disk. The size of the SanDisk ATA Flash drive may range from 4MB to a maximum of 220MB. A floppy drive can be mounted internally or on the outside connected via an LPT1 connector. The graphic controller integrated in the 82810 chip set provides a resolution of 1600 x 1200 (85Hz) and supports DVD MPEG-2. This, together with the audio codec (AC&8217;97), easily facilitates multimedia applications. The serial interfaces are compatible with 16550, work in full duplex and can achieve transfer rates of up to 115.2 kbaud. In order to give the user maximum flexibility, the interfaces are offered in various options: COM1+2 (RS-232 or RS-232/422) , COM3+4 (RS-232 or RS-422). In addition the PC7 has a real time clock (compatible with RTC 146818), a watchdog and a temperature sensor (&8211;55°C to +125°C). An LED can be integrated via a software application. About SBS Technologies, Inc., Embedded Computers SBS Technologies, Inc., Embedded Computers designs and manufactures state-of-the-art industrial computing technology, including X86 based designs on VMEbus and CompactPCI with commercial, industrial and ruggedized configurations. These designs offer embedded computing solutions for real-time control, simulation, operator interface, factory automation and many other similar applications. SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE) is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components for CompactPCI, VME, embedded PC and custom standalone applications. SBS product lines include CPU (Pentium and PowerPC) boards, WAN I/O modules, industrial I/O modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software, and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as telecommunications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation. For more information, contact SBS Technologies, Inc., Embedded Computers, 6301 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607; Phone: (919) 851-1101; Fax: (919) 851-2844; Email:; Web site:

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