SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products Unveils Economical Four-Slot PCI Expansion Unit

<UL> <LI>Four available 32-bit PCI slots support +5V or +3.3V, long or short form factor PCI cards <LI>Exceptional reliability <LI>Universal host card allows 5 volt signaling cards to be used in +5V

SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products (formerly SBS Bit 3 Operations) has unveiled the Model 2134 four-slot Expansion Unit that transparently increases the number of PCI slots available to a PCI computer or workstation. Model 2134 is a complete expansion system consisting of a universal PCI host card, a micro ATX mini-tower enclosure with an integrated controller and four available 32-bit PCI slots, 230 watt power supply with provision for +5V and +3.3V, and a 2-foot interconnecting cable. "Model 2134 is an economical PCI expansion system featuring four functional slots and great reliability," said Eric Augustine, Product Manager, Expansion Units. "Our new PCI expansion unit offers a universal host card and is capable of working in either a +5V or +3.3V signaling environment - making it an ideal solution for adding +5V signaling cards to host systems that have otherwise been limited to +3.3V signaling." Price and Availability
Model 2134 is available now and is priced at $675. Features
Model 2134 provides a low-latency, high-throughput path to 32-bit PCI slots on a separate backplane in a stand-alone chassis. Each slot is master capable, allowing peer-to-peer communication within the PCI environment. The slots support both long and short form factor PCI cards; consequently, PCI platforms that have only short form factor slots gain the ability to accommodate long form factor PCI cards. The universal host card enables the use of +5V and +3.3V PCI cards in the enclosure with either a +5V or +3.3V only host power source. Model 2134ís micro ATX mini-tower style enclosure has a 60mm fan in the lower chassis for cooling PCI cards in addition to the power supply fan. The Expansion Unit is FCC Class A approved, CE Marked, and recognized under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories. About SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products
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