SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products Announces Four High-Speed IEEE 1394 Adapters

<LI> Model 2343 PMC, Model 2341 PCI, Model 2342 PCI Power Provider and Model 2344 cPCI <LI> Three high-speed 400M Bits/sec IEEE 1394 ports <LI> OHCI standard register set <LI> Plug & play for Intel

SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products has announced the Model 234X family of IEEE 1394 adapters that add three high-speed 400M Bits/sec IEEE 1394 ports to a PC, workstation, or single board computer (SBC). Model 234X IEEE 1394 adapters are efficient, cost-effective solutions for point-to-point IEEE 1394 connectivity.

"Model 234X adapters complement our 2345 IEEE 1394 to VME Direct Adapter by providing 1394 ports to a host that lacks a native port," said David Greig, President of SBS Technologies, Connectivity Products. "Also, the adapter can be used as a plug and play solution for other consumer IEEE 1394 applications."

Price and Availability
The Model 2343 IEEE 1394 PMC adapter that adds IEEE 1394 ports to an SBC is priced at $395 and is now available. Model 2341, a standard IEEE 1394 adapter card for PCI computers or workstations, is priced at $285 and will be available in October 1999. The Model 2342 IEEE 1394 PCI Power Provider adapter will be available in October and is priced at $435. The Model 2344 IEEE 1394 adapter is for CompactPCI systems and is priced at $420. It will be available in November 1999.

Each adapter includes one adapter card and a manual. A standard 6-pin IEEE 1394 cable is required but is ordered separately.

Featuring three high-speed 400M Bit/sec IEEE 1394 ports, an integrated DMA engine that frees up the processor for other tasks, and a fully isolated 1394 power supply, Model 234X adapters are fast and efficient. Models 2341, 2343 and 2344 are self-powered. Model 2342 provides 20W of bus power to the 1394 bus.

For easy installation and use, Model 234X adapters are plug and play for Intel Windows 98 and Windows 2000 platforms.

Model 234X adapters have an OHCI standard register set and conform to IEEE 1394a specifications.

About SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products
SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products is the premiere provider of high-performance and reliable bus connectivity products that include bus bridges, bus expansion units, and real-time coherent memory networks designed to operate in the most demanding applications.

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