SBS Technologies, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Micro Alliance, Inc.

SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE) ("SBS") today announced the acquisition of Micro Alliance, Inc. ("Micro Alliance"), a privately held San Diego county-based manufacturer of industrial computer enclosures and systems for $5.9 million. Micro Alliance specializes in the design and manufacture of special-purpose PC-compatible computer systems. It offers a variety of CPU boards and system enclosures, including rack mount, desktop and mobile systems. Most systems contain passive backplanes that allow the addition of up to 20 ISA and PCI cards. These products are often customized to meet the needs of particular OEM applications. "This strategic acquisition, which was completed yesterday, is a continuation of the Companyís strategy to acquire synergistic businesses which enhance the breadth of our product offering," said Steve Cooper, President and Chief Operating Officer of SBS. "The acquisition of Micro Alliance will enable SBS to expand our customer relationships by providing ISA/PCI CPU boards, enclosures and system integration services to our broad customer base worldwide," continued Cooper. Four of SBS' five existing business operations produce PCI and ISA I/O and system interconnect add-in boards that can be utilized within Micro Alliance systems. The acquisition of Micro Alliance allows SBS to offer CPU boards, add-in boards and enclosures all from a single company.