SBS Technologies, Inc. Announces Products Compatible With sun Microsystems Inc's Newly Released Desktop Workstation

SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE) in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, Bit 3 Computer Corporation, announced that it will be providing Adaptors and Expansion Units compatible with the Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) newly released PCI I/O-based Ultra 30&8482; Workstations. Bit 3 is one of the first companies to participate in Sun's PCI Vendor Program and will be providing PCI-VMEbus adaptors, as well as expansion units that will provide additional PCI slots to the Ultra 30 Workstation. The PCI-VMEbus Adaptor will allow the Ultra 30 Workstations to become bus master processors on VMEbus systems. Bit 3's Adaptor provides a memory mapped interface between the PCI I/O bus and the VMEbus to provide direct control and very high data-rate transfers for I/O between the two systems. The stand-alone Bit 3 Expansion Unit will give Sun's workstation users the flexibility of adding an additional 13 PCI slots, which will increase customization options. "Bit 3 and Sun have developed an excellent working relationship over the last year. Our new products provide SBS an opportunity to assist Sun customers interested in implementing expanded PCI Slots in conjunction with Sun's new workstations," said Steve Cooper, President and Chief Operating Officer of SBS Technologies, Inc. "As a member of Sun's PCI Vendor Program, we have received top notch technical and marketing support to help us develop and distribute our PCI products," describes Jerry Medley, Director of Sales and Marketing, Bit 3 Computer Corporation.