SBS Technologies, Inc. Announces Marketing Cooperation Agreement Between its Greenspring Computers, Inc. Subsidiary and Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley

SBS Technologies, Inc. ("SBS") (Nasdaq:SBSE), in conjunction with its GreenSpring Computers, Inc. ("GreenSpring") subsidiary, today announced the signing of a Marketing Cooperation Agreement with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley to offer products that are compatible with Allen-Bradley's recently introduced 1747-OC Open Controller. GreenSpring, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS, designs and manufactures general purpose Input/Output ("I/O") products called IndustryPacks®, which are small mezzanine boards that plug onto either an embedded computer board or an IP carrier board and provide specific types of I/O for embedded computer systems. GreenSpring offers over 100 IndustryPacks for industrial applications such as motion control, temperature measurement, graphics, and telecommunications. The IP carrier module, developed under the terms of this agreement, will allow utilization of GreenSpring's broad range of I/O IndustryPacks to enhance the Open Controller's capabilities. Allen-Bradley's recently introduced 1747-OC provides a PC-based solution for industrial control and automation. In addition to offering PC-compatibility, the 1747-OC offers integrated control functions not typically found on standard commercial or industrial PC's. GreenSpring's carrier module, which is planned for distribution later this calendar year, will provide customers the ability to integrate into their systems a diverse range of I/O capabilities, while providing a flexible solution.