SBS Technologies Delivers 6U CompactPCI® Blade for Voice over ATM

New VoABlade features AAL1, 2 & 5 support on intelligent ATM interface card; Ideal for voice gateways, broadband access and wireless base stations

  • Fast data transmission over OC-3 at speeds up to 155 Mbps (DS3 option available)
  • Large, bidirectional voice channel capacity
  • ATM AAL1, AAL2 and AAL5 support
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet through front I/O
Carlsbad, CA (March 13, 2002) – SBS Technologies® (Nasdaq: SBSE) today introduced the VoABlade, an advanced CompactPCI® interface for transmitting voice and data over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (VoATM) in a single slot design. Ideal for telecommunications applications requiring an integrated ATM network, the VoABlade is capable of sending and receiving a total of 2048 simultaneous voice and data virtual circuits over a single fiber-optic connection at speeds up to 155 Mbps. Coupled with high-level host processor APIs, the VoABlade is an intelligent, multi-functional, high-density interface card with multiple protocols. It provides an on-board OC-3 / STM-1 optical physical interface (PHY) and two 100 Mb/sec Ethernet MAC / PHYs accessed via the front panel. The VoABlade is designed to support applications requiring termination of an ATM link utilizing the OC-3-PHY. "At SBS we are focused on building system solutions that help our OEM customers build carrier class gateways and deliver on the promise of convergence," states Dan Moore, President SBS Communications Group. "For any system application that transmits voice and data over a single ATM interface, the VoABlade is the ideal solution. The natural evolution of this technology will be a complete system solution in one slot. We believe the significant space savings and density advantages of this board will help drive the convergence of voice and data networks." "One-board solutions for converged networks are the next step in the evolution of ATM," states Jim Harford, president of AdvanceNet Systems, an ATM systems consultancy. "As ATM continues to penetrate the market, advancements like SBS' VoABlade will be critical in moving the industry into the next generation of networking." The VoABlade provides support for up to 2048 full-duplex AAL1 VCs without Channel Associated Signalling (CAS) or up to 1023 full-duplex AAL1 or AAL2 with CAS. High bandwidth inter-system communication interfaces include a full H.110 TDM bus, dual 10/100 BASET Ethernet ports, as well as a 66 MHz/64-bit CompactPCI interface. The H.110 TDM bus provides the voice data interface, while the CompactPCI bus and Ethernet ports provide high bandwidth data interfaces. The channel density of the VoABlade also provides significant space savings by allowing OC-3 or 2016 channels versus T1 or T3 bandwidth in a single blade. Software Support Firmware contains robust drivers and a rich set of API (Applications Programming Interface) commands that allow customers to configure, control and monitor the VoABlade. Driver Development Kits are available to aid in the development of drivers and applications for host operating systems. Pricing and Availability The VoABlade is currently priced at $5,995 in OEM quantities. About SBS Technologies SBS Technologies, Inc., (Nasdaq: SBSE) founded in 1986, designs and builds open architecture embedded computer products that enable original equipment manufacturers to serve the commercial, communication and government markets. SBS products are integrated into a variety of applications including communication networking, medical imaging, industrial automation, and military systems. The portfolio includes an extensive line of CPU boards, computer interconnections, avionics, telemetry, and fully integrated systems and enclosures. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, SBS is globally positioned with 16 locations in 6 countries, including its European headquarters in Augsburg, Germany. More information on SBS is available at