SBS Technologies Announces Flexible, Multi-Channel 1553 Interface Card for High-Performance Simulation Applications

  • Users can write application code in C to run under VxWorks on an SBC motherboard along with SBS-provided applications.

  • PowerPC-based motherboard can be configured as a system controller.

  • New SBS databus I/O interface for 1553, ARINC 429, STANAG 3910, etc.
SBS Technologies® (Nasdaq: SBSE) today introduced the ABI-V7, a high-performance 6U VME interface in a single slot with a PowerPC-based motherboard and up to two MIL-STD-1553 daughterboards. Designed for simulation applications requiring very fast data transfers between the host and the interface, the V7 motherboard utilizes the latest PowerPC technology under the VxWorks® operating system. The V7 can be configured as a system controller and allows users to add their own code to perform data conversions and user applications on the motherboard. The V7 provides a flexible, multi-channel, dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 Master/Slave interface to the VMEbus backplane and is backwards compatible with SBS' ABI-V5 product. The V7's 1553 PMC daughterboards are based on an advanced DSP, programmable logic and dual port RAM. Up to 56MB of memory is provided for user data structures. Eight external trigger signals are available from the front panel or VME P2 connector. ABI-V7 provides powerful capabilities for definition of Events, which are conditions that can be used to generate external triggers, start or stop BC lists, start or stop RT simulation, start or stop sequential monitoring, etc. Input external triggers can be used as Events. Events can also generate VMEbus interrupts. "The ABI-V7 is ideal for the most demanding, high-performance simulation applications," said Clarence Peckham, President of the SBS Technologies Government Group. "Our customers depend on SBS to consistently deliver products like the ABI-V7, which are designed to meet specific application requirements while achieving performance, quality and reliability standards. The ABI-V7 is a perfect complement to the existing SBS product portfolio, increasing our ability to provide complete government-grade system solutions." Pricing and Availability
Please contact the SBS sales team for specific pricing information. Product is currently available. About SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies, Inc., (Nasdaq: SBSE) founded in 1986, designs and builds open architecture embedded computer products that enable original equipment manufacturers to serve the commercial, communication and government markets. SBS products are integrated into a variety of applications including communication networking, medical imaging, industrial automation, and military systems. The portfolio includes an extensive line of CPU boards, computer interconnections, avionics, telemetry, and fully integrated systems and enclosures. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS is globally positioned with 16 locations in 6 countries, including its European headquarters in Augsburg, Germany. More information on SBS is available at
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