SBS Micro Alliance Introduces Model FTU-1 Rackmount Fault Tolerant PC Enclosure for Mission-Critical Applications

<UL> <LI>Highly configurable and easily customized <LI> Hot-swappable cooling fans and power supplies <LI> 20-slot ISA passive backplane <LI> Optional power segmented backplane </UL>

SBS Micro Alliance announces the introduction of its new rackmount fault tolerant PC enclosure, the Model FTU-1. The FTU-1 is a high-capacity, rugged unit that has been designed to meet a wide range of mission-critical applications in telecommunications, data communications, broadcasting, and industrial automation. "We designed the FTU-1 so that OEMs could have it their way' by providing a wide range of configuration options as well as the ability to easily customize the chassis and the backplane that goes in it," said Ed Larson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Price and Availability
The Model FTU-1 (17'W x 26.0'D x 8.75'H) is priced from $2,295 (list) and is available for immediate delivery in three to four weeks. Features
The Model FTU-1 is equipped with a 20-slot ISA passive backplane, but can accommodate an optional PCI/ISA backplane with 4, 6 or 16 PCI slots. An optional power segmented backplane is also available. The enclosure contains dual-redundant 300W AC hot-swappable power supplies (single or dual input 250W 48V DC optional) and hot-swappable cooling fans. Positive pressure, filtered cooling is provided by five high efficiency, ball bearing fans with a total of over 300 CFM. Washable air filters are an integral part of the front panel doors and are easily removable. The enclosure is capable of housing multiple, separate computer systems, which is cost effective and saves valuable rack space. It can also be optionally supplied with a system monitoring card, RAID controller, and various PCI/ISA passive backplanes. The enclosure comes standard with six front accessible drive bays. Four vertical 5.25' half-height drive bays can be equipped with optional removable 3.5' drives. Two horizontal drive bays, one 5.25' and one 3.5', can be used to mount a CD-ROM drive, DAT drive or floppy drive. The standard front panel is equipped with power-on and reset switches, hard drive LED displays, keyboard connection, and system monitoring LEDs. All switches and drive bays are located behind the front panel doors that provide environmental protection and security. The front control panel can also be customized with up to 20 system indicator lights. The Model FTU-1 can be integrated with a system monitoring AT card that monitors the various vital signs of the system and performs various alarming functions. The rear panel contains an input power connector (AC, DC, dual input DC) and an I/O area that is completely configurable to the end userís requirements (DIN connectors, DB9, DB15 and DB25). A single card hold-down bracket adds to the shock dampening attributes of the enclosure. About SBS Micro Alliance
SBS Micro Alliance specializes in the customized design and manufacture of special-purpose PC-compatible computer systems. It offers a variety of CPU boards and system enclosures, including rackmount, benchtop, workstation and portable systems. Most systems contain passive backplanes with up to 20 ISA or PCI/ISA slots. In addition, many customer-furnished products (hardware and software) are often integrated into the systems to meet the needs of particular OEM applications. SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE), the parent company, is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components that perform a broad range of functions. SBS product lines include CPU boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software, and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as communications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation, in the commercial and aerospace markets. For more information, contact SBS Micro Alliance, 1384-A Poinsettia Avenue, Vista, CA 92083; Phone: (760) 598-1900; Fax: (760) 598-1990; email:; web site: