SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O Offers First Conduction Cooled IndustryPacks™

<UL> <LI>New process transforms COTS I/O modules into conduction cooled boards <LI>Enables mix and match I/O capabilities for stringent environmental standards <LI>18 conduction cooled IndustryPacks

SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O announces the availability of a new line of conduction cooled IndustryPacks designed to meet stringent performance requirements of military and aerospace applications. This new process of designing COTS I/O boards with conduction cooled capabilities enables standard bus boards to meet stringent environmental standards ñ eliminating the need for board redesign and layout on a per project basis. Conduction cooled capabilities are now available on 18 analog, digital, serial and motion control IndustryPacks; and a Quad IndustryPack carrier board. "With our new line of conduction cooled IndustryPacks, systems designers can reconcile budgetary and time to market concerns with the most stringent environmental reliability standards," explains Chris Thompson, General Manager, SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O. "The SBS GreenSpring process of using standard COTS IP modules will save thousands of design and testing hours typically spent to assure compatibility with extended temperature, rugged applications." Price and Availability
The VIPC664-WL-CC Quad IndustryPack carrier board with 2MB Flash memory, Wedge Lock connectors and conduction cooled components are available for immediate shipment. Starting price is $1,995 (list). Eighteen conduction cooled IndustryPack modules are also available now and are priced starting at $750. Contact SBS GreenSpring for additional pricing information and a complete product selection guide brochure. Features
A specially designed IndustryPack carrier board, the VIPC664-WL-CC, includes nickel-plated metals which dissipates the heat. The VIPC664-WL-CC is a VME64x board that accommodates four IndustryPack sites and has all 200 I/O lines (each IndustryPack has 50 lines) routed through the rear panel P0 and P2 VME 64x connectors to reduce EMI emissions and to simplify cabling. In addition, Wedge Lock connectors are provided to allow mounting in a Wedge Lock chassis. All IndustryPack modules have a heat sink plate on the back side of the board and can be mounted on the VIPC664-CC with six screws. In addition to the heat sink, SBS GreenSpring performs a thermocycling process on each board. Thermocycling is a process where the boards are placed into a precise temperature controlled chamber and the temperature is cycled from ñ40C to +85C for 72 hours. After this process is complete, a functional acceptance test is performed to ensure the solder joints are still intact after exposure to extreme temperatures. SBS GreenSpring also offers additional ruggedized processes, such as extended temperature component replacement, temperature performance testing, conformal coating, wire wrapping of shunt groups, shunt group configuration and IndustryPack integration services. About SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O
SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O designs, manufactures and markets modular I/O solutions using mezzanine standards such as IndustryPack&8482;, PC&8226;MIP, and PMC for PCI, CompactPCI, VME, ISA, STD32, PC/104 and stand-alone embedded platforms. Currently, over 125 SBS GreenSpring modules are available for digital I/O, analog I/O, data communications, motion control, field bus, temperature measurement and graphics controller applications. SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSE), the parent company, is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components that perform a broad range of functions. SBS product lines include CPU boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as communications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation, in the commercial and aerospace markets. For further information on SBS GreenSpring Modular I/O, contact 181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; Ph: (650) 327-1200; Fax- (650) 327-3808; E-mail:; web: