SBS Communications Group Introduces 24-Port Managed Ethernet Switch on a 6U CompactPCI Card

SBS Technologies, Inc. Communications Group (Nasdaq: SBSE), a leader in high-performance OEM telecommunications platforms and sub-systems, introduces the Lassen™ single slot, 24–port Ethernet Switch, the latest addition to the SBS High Availability product offering. Providing full hot swap compliance per PICMG 2.1 R1.0, Lassen is designed for use in the SBS Cascade™ High Availability (HA) System or within CompactPCI® systems requiring high density Local Area Networks (LANs). Configured with three on-board Broadcom 5308M devices to provide a large Ethernet switch, this 6U CompactPCI LAN interface controller (PICMG 2.0 R3.0-complaint) is designed for non-system slot operation. Shasta's on-board Motorola MPC860T comes with 16 Mbytes SDRAM, 32 Kbytes of EEPROM and 8 Mbytes of flash. "In today's globally competitive business environment, our OEM telecommunications customers require products that satisfy the demanding requirements of mission critical applications. Integrated telecom solutions must constantly evolve to achieve higher levels of performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency," comments Bret Farnum, a General Manager of SBS Communications Group. "The Lassen LAN interface controller offers HA and CompactPCI system developers the comprehensive product feature sets they require and expect." Lassen provides 24 Ethernet ports on P3 and P5 available for system use and includes a compatible 80mm transition module. An additional rear panel Ethernet port allows for communications with a peer in high availability systems. Along with two standard serial ports, the Lassen offers a front panel Ethernet port that connects to the on-board switch for network monitoring and sniffing. Another front panel Ethernet port, connecting directly to the on-board 860, facilitates software development. Lassen will provide support for VxWorks® and Hard Hat Linux®. Additional software for high availability systems is planned for future release. Lassen offers protocol support for Frame Relay, Lap B/-D, TCP/IP and SS7. Pricing and Availability Lassen with VxWorks support will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. Target list pricing is $5,087 USD. For more detailed OEM pricing and availability information, please contact the SBS Communications Group Sales Team at (888) SBS-COMM or via e-mail at About SBS Technologies Communications Group SBS Technologies Communications Group designs, manufactures and markets high-performance OEM telecommunications platforms and sub-systems that provide complete WAN interface and enabling communications software protocol support for the CompactPCI, PMC and PCI markets. SBS' OEM telecommunications platforms target fault-tolerant capability and feature WAN interfaces supporting T1/E1, HSSI, DS3/E3, OC3 and POS. Based on the Intel and PowerPC CPU architecture, these OEM platforms enable the convergence of voice, video and data via protocols such as PPP, Frame Relay, ATM and SS7. SBS provides a broad array of OEM sub-system telecommunications products for CompactPCI, PMC and PCI ranging from stand-alone single board computers and WAN adapters scaling the bandwidth spectrum to chassis and industrial enclosures. SBS Communications Group's reputation for proven technology, innovative products and dedicated OEM support has led to an established customer base that includes telecommunications equipment leaders such as Nokia, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Motorola, Network Associates, IBM and NetScout Systems. More information on SBS Communications Group and its extensive range of telecommunications products is available at