SBS Bit 3 Operations Announces PCI - PCI Expansion Units Compatible with Digidesign's Pro Tools Systems

Two rack-mount chassis Expansion Unit versions are available: 7-slot and 13-slot. Both Expansion Unit versions are approved by Digidesign for use with Pro Tools systems. Each Expansion Unit is housed in a heavy-duty, 19-inch rack-mount chassis designed and built specifically for professional applications. The 13-slot chassis comes standard with a 330-watt power supply. Both versions support operations at nominal input line voltages of 115V or 230V; voltage is selectable via a switch at the rear of the chassis. Four additional power taps are provided for peripheral devices. A power on/off switch and status LED are located on the chassisí front panel. Front panels are available in black or textured pearl white. A Bit 3 Expansion Unit enclosure connects to a Bit 3 host card that is installed in a slot in the host PCI system. Each slot in the 7-slot enclosure receives 5V from the power supply. In the 13-slot unit, the power supply delivers 5V and 3.3V to each slot. Albuquerque, New Mexico based SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE) is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components that perform a broad range of central processing unit, general purpose input/output ("I/O") and special purpose I/O interface functions. SBS Bit 3 Operations is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. For additional information, news releases and quarterly reports please visit the SBS Technologies, Inc. World Wide Web home page at HYPERLINK Technical information on Bit 3 products is available at Please contact Digidesign for system configuration details.