SBS Bit 3 Operations Announces NanoBridge™ PCI TO VME64 Adapter

<IMG SRC="/news/images/pcitovmebus.jpg" WIDTH="175" HEIGHT="104" ALIGN="RIGHT"> <UL> <LI>40MB/sec. Transfer <LI>Simultaneous bi-directional transfers <LI>Fiber-optic cable connection

SBS Bit 3 Operations announces fiber-optic PCI to VMEbus Adapter, Model 2706 NanoBridge&8482;, which unites significant features into one product offering: high transfer rates (40MB/sec), low latency (1.97 us), fiber-optic interface to 650 meters, D64 VMEbus data widths and concurrent data transfer from both buses simultaneous. "These features are beneficial to image processing, data collection, digital signal processing, process control or any application needing high-bandwidth, low-latency and/or large data block transfers between PCI and VMEbus systems," states Jerry Medley, Director of Sales and Marketing at SBS Bit 3 Operations. ìLike all of our adapters, the Model 2706 enables any PCI-based computer to be used as a VMEbus processor instead of a VME single board computer and thereby achieves the benefits of off-the-shelf software and the latest processor technology." The Model 2706 NanoBridge PCI to VME Adapter consists of one short form PCI Adapter Card and one 6U VMEbus Adapter Card. Fiber-optic cabling is purchased separately in either standard 10 meter, 25 meter or custom lengths up to 650 meters. Price and Availability
The Model 2706 NanoBridge PCI to VME Adapter is priced at $4,295, list and is available for shipment in May 1998. How It Works
Both cards supports three interface modes:
1) Address Translation supports bi-directional random access bus mastering from either the PCI or VMEbus, allowing Programmed Input/Output (PIO) access to either bus' RAM or I/O.
2) DMA Mode utilizes a DMA engine in either adapter card to transfer blocks of data (up to 16MB in size) at rates up to 40MB/sec with a D64 VMEbus device.
3) Slave DMA Mode utilizes a PCI or VMEbus master card to control burst mode access across the cable into VME or PCI memory. VMEbus System Controller function enables the VMEbus Adapter card to provide system controller function in slot 0, thereby eliminating the need for a VMEbus system controller or processor. Single level, Priority and Round Robin arbritation is selectable on the VMEbus card. Interrupts are exchanged from both buses directly including VMEbus backplane interrupts, programmed interrupts, interface error interrupts and others. To guarantee integrity of the data, parity checking on address, control and data lines are provided on the interface between Adapter Cards and on the PCI Card. About SBS Bit 3 Operations
SBS Bit 3 Operations is the premiere provider of high-performance and reliable bus connectivity products that include bus bridges, bus expansion units, and real-time simultaneous networking systems designed to operate in the most demanding applications. SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE), the parent company, is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components that perform a broad range of functions. SBS product lines include CPU boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software, and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as communications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation, in the commercial and aerospace markets. For more information on SBS Bit 3 Operations, contact 1284 Corporate Center Drive, St. Paul, MN, 55121-1245; Phone (612) 905-4700; Fax (612) 905-4701; e-mail:; web site: