SBS Avionics Technologies Announces New and Enhanced ABI-PMC and ASF-PMC Interfaces

<UL> <LI>MIL-STD-1553A/B interface on PCI mezzanine card <LI>Advanced Bus Interface (ABI) or Advanced Single Function (ASF) architecture <LI>Supports 16PP362 F-16 Advanced Weapons Multiplex Data Bus

SBS Avionics Technologies introduces its new, enhanced ABI-PMC and ASF-PMC. Ideal for embedded avionics applications, both products provide flexible, full function or single function MIL-STD-1553 interfaces in a PCI Mezzanine Card. "The new ABI-PMC and ASF-PMC are logical additions to the SBS Avionics family of MIL-STD-1553 interface products," said Rich Wade, General Manager of SBS Avionics Technologies. "PMC has gained popularity and market share over the past year. We respond to customer demand by offering products that designers of embedded avionics systems require. These products enhance SBS' offering of the most advanced avionics commercial-off-the-shelf modules for ISA, PC/104, PCMCIA, PCI, PMC, CompactPCI, and VMEbus systems." How it Works
The new ABI-PMC and ASF-PMC interfaces provide flexible, full function or single function MIL-STD-1553 interfaces to PMC systems. The primary enhancement to the product is the ability to operate with the 16PP362 F16 Advanced Weapons Multiplex Data Bus, accepting MIL-STD-1553 traffic while ignoring WMUX-362 traffic. Additionally, the PCI interface has been improved to support configuration for hardware byte-reordering. The ABI-PMC provides concurrent and independent operation of a Bus Controller (BC), 31 Remote Terminals (RT), and sequential and/or mapped Bus Monitoring (BM). The ASF-PMC provides similar capability in a single-function mode BC or a single RT or Monitoring. These products offer a complete 1553 interface, including 1553A and/or 1553B selections, programmable BC frame lists, BC scheduling capabilities, RT response tables, pointer driven transmit and receive buffers, mapped monitoring, sequential bus monitoring, and extensive programmable event interrupts. About SBS Avionics Technologies
SBS Avionics Technologies is a leading provider of MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429/575 interface boards and bus analyzers for military, space and commercial avionics applications. Its products have been designed into major military programs, including the F-22, F-16, and B-2 as well as in such aerospace projects as the International Space Station. SBS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBSE), the parent company, is a leading manufacturer of standard bus embedded computer components for VME, CompactPCI, embedded PC and custom standalone applications. SBS product lines include CPU (Pentium and PowerPC) boards, input/output (I/O) modules, avionics modules and analyzers, bus interconnection products, expansion units, real-time networks, telemetry boards, data acquisition software, and industrial-grade computers. SBS embedded computer components are used in a variety of applications, such as communications, medical imaging, industrial control and flight instrumentation, in the commercial and aerospace markets. For more information on SBS Avionics Technologies, contact 2400 Louisiana Blvd., NE, AFC Bldg. 5, Suite 600, Albuquerque, NM 87110; Phone (800) SBS-1553 or (505) 875-0600; Fax (505) 875-0400; e-mail:; web site:

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