"Rugged smartphones blend with information security, anti-tamper for secure battlefield communications" Military & Aerospace Electronics

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Rugged smartphone technology is joining forces with information security, anti-tamper technology, and secure cloud computing to create manageable battlefield communications infrastructure that is more effective than ever before.

It’s tough to get information out to the front lines, even in today’s heavily networked battlefield. With so much important information flying around on networks it is still the people who need it most that are the ones who are the hardest to reach. Fortunately, the solution to these information woes just may be sitting on the shelves of the local Best-Buy.

Security for mobile devices comes from more than just encrypting communications; safeguards are necessary to prevent cyber-attacks. Rubin Dhillon, industry manager for military communications at GE Intelligent Platforms in Charlottesville, Va., stresses the need to protect military cell phones from network-based attacks. "Firewalls are key; having a robust firewall that is constantly updated is key," Dhillon says, adding that a device lacking a firewall is vulnerable to denial of service attacks and intrusion attempts.