Resetting PMC675 in VxWorks

The PMC675 can be reset while installed on a VxWorks booted host.  There are actually two ways to reset the PMC675. One is a soft reset.  The other is a hard reset.

To soft reset PMC675 send an RXN_RESET TCB to the card. This can be called like:


where unit is the unit number of the PMC675 device to be reset.

To hard reset PMC675 write to PCI configuration register like:

rxWriteCFL (bus, slot, function, 0xd8, 0x2)

where bus, slot, and function equal the bus, slot, and function reported from the PMC675 PCI header where vendor ID is 0x8086, device ID is 0xB555, subsystem vendor ID is 0x140B, and subsystem ID is 0x0F0B.  You can get this information from executing pciDeviceShow(bus) where bus is the PCI bus that the PMC675 bridge chip is installed on.