Real-Time Operational Intelligence & Aging Water Infrastructure

A large portion of the pipes, pumps, valves and other water infrastructure operating in the U.S. today dates back to the 1940s or earlier. With water systems crumbling, the U.S. loses about 7 billion gallons of treated water per year through water main breaks and leaking pipes, at a time when almost a third of the nation’s cities are expected to experience a water scarcity crisis in the next few years.

Water main breaks can cost utilities millions annually and threaten public health and property. For years, however, water professionals have lived with this reality because, as the Water Innovations Alliance estimates, replacing the existing water infrastructure would cost almost $400 billion nationally.

The solution is straightforward: optimize the operation of the existing infrastructure with the instrumentation, controls and software technology that have been developed since the infrastructure was first installed. Then, with a greater understanding of the system, replace and/or rehabilitate that equipment when the optimization and analysis justifies it.