Radstone Technology, Ultra Electronics Datel Extend Agreement To Provide Certifiable DO-178B COTS Solution

Support for Integrity-178B in addition to VxWorks AE635 Responding to the enthusiastic customer reception to their earlier announcement, Ultra Electronics Datel and Radstone today announced an extension to their agreement (announced July 21st 2004) which called for the  two organizations to jointly market a DO-178B-certifiable COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) single board computer (SBC) solution to defense and aerospace customers worldwide.  The extension means that the two companies will now offer support for Green Hills Software’s fully DO-178B Level A certified Integrity-178B operating system in addition to support for Wind River’s ARINC-compliant  VxWorks AE635 operating system. Both Radstone Technology and Ultra Electronics Datel deliver solutions to international aerospace, defense and government customers. Radstone is the world’s leading independent supplier of rugged, high-performance, embedded computer products and Ultra Electronics Datel has achieved an outstanding reputation for developing high integrity software.  “When we announced our agreement with Datel for us to support Wind River’s VxWorks operating system earlier in the year, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of customer interest,” said Simon Collins, Graphics Product Manager at Radstone.  “However, for each enquiry about VxWorks, we received another about the possibility of us providing support for Integrity – so the natural thing to do was to broaden the scope of our agreement.  We’re very excited about the opportunity we see opening up.” The original agreement, signed at the Farnborough Air Show by Peter Cavill, Managing Director of Radstone Technology and Ross Parsell, Managing Director of Ultra Electronics Datel called for the two companies to collaborate in the development of certifiable board support packages (BSPs) for Radstone’s single board computers, initially supporting Wind River’s ARINC-compliant  VxWorks AE635 operating system.  The agreement also called for the two companies to jointly market the resulting solution to contractors whose requirements include the need for software capable of being certified in accordance with DO-178B, and for Radstone to provide all the support necessary to enable Ultra Electronics Datel to engineer a BSP compliant with DO-178B Level A. “There is unquestionably significant demand in the market for safety-critical solutions that can be certified to DO-178B,” said A Spokesperson, Title of Ultra Electronics Datel.  “However, customers are also aware that certifiability can involve significant resource and cost implications.  The availability of commercial off-the-shelf solutions, together with the extensive experience and expertise which we and Radstone can bring, will mean that defense contractors will be able to achieve certification in less time, with less effort and at less cost.  We believe the case is a compelling one.” Note To Editors The DO-178B standard has assumed considerable significance in the avionics industry, and compliance with it is demanded by increasing numbers of customers as the de facto standard in certifying all new aviation software.  Concerned primarily with development processes,  DO-178B - produced by Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, Inc. (RTCA) - requires vendors to produce substantial documentary evidence to support claims of compliance:  the amount of evidence required is determined by the level of certification being sought.  DO-178B certification levels specify compliance at levels A, B, C, D, or E:  these levels define the consequences of software failure, with Level A representing a catastrophic failure and Level E indicating that a failure has no effect on the overall system.  Projects calling for DO-178B conformance can only be certified at the system level, not at the subsystem or component level.  The agreement between Radstone and Ultra Electronics Datel will provide a board level solution – including the required BSP – that will support customers in rapidly achieving DO-178B certifiability for the complete system.  About Ultra Electronics Datel Ultra Electronics Datel, based in Preston , England , deliver high integrity systems and software solutions to aerospace, defense and government sectors.  With over 20 years experience, Ultra Electronics Datel deliver a broad range of capabilities, from initial design evaluation and consultancy through to complete turnkey solutions. Key areas of expertise include; integrated solutions, bespoke software development, secure collaborative working environments, engineering and consultancy services.  Ultra Electronics is a leading aerospace and defence contractor, based in the UK and North America . The Company specialises in niche technology markets and employs over 2,600 people. For more information about Ultra Electronics and its business, products and services, visit the company’s web site at: www.ultra-datel.com