Radstone Technology Launches it's fastest G4DSP Signal Processor Board

Radstone Technology, the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, rugged VME-based computer products announces its second phase G4DSP signal processor board, now utilizing the 7410 PowerPC(tm) RISC processors with AltiVec(tm) between 400MHz and 550MHz. Essentially a processor and memory upgrade, the new G4DSP provides each 7410 PowerPC(tm) compute node with 256MB SDRAM, 16MB FLASH, 2MB L2 CACHE and an IBM-CPC710 64-bit/66MHz PCI host bridge. The new board exercises the same crossbar like PCI ring architecture and takes advantage of a PCI host bridge upgrade to take the processor bus and memory bus interfaces from 100MHz to a peak of 133MHz. "This latest G4DSP utilizes the same pioneering architecture as the 7400 based G4DSP which raised and set new standards in the rugged signal processing market place", said Stuart Heptonstall, Radstone's DSP Product Marketing Manager. "The performance increase of the 7410 processors coupled with its significantly lower power dissipation further enhances the G4DSP product and the benefits it can offer to customers."  As with the hardware architecture, software support is also open standard to protect software investment and ease development.  The G4DSP supports VxWorks / VxMP and VSPWorks DSP OS from Wind River Systems and also MPI message passing libraries and VSIPL signal processing libraries from MPI Software Technology. This is backed-up by Radstone's Built-In-Test (BIT) and driver support for PowerPC SBCs under VxWorks. The G4DSP is available in 5 ruggedization build levels for industrial or extended temperature, shock and vibration environments in either Air-Blown or Conduction-Cooled formats and with full software compatibility between build levels. - ends -