Radstone Technology Extends Product Line With PowerPC Processor PMC

EmPower PrPMCQ2 is low cost, low power, rugged Addressing the rapidly growing market for Processor PMCs, Radstone Technology today announced the PrPMCQ2.   Built around the 450MHz Freescale (formerly Motorola) MPC8280 PowerQUICC II processor, the PrPMCQ2 is designed to offer a low cost, low power solution for defense and aerospace applications that require performant processing in a small, rugged form factor.  Radstone Technology is the world’s leading independent supplier of rugged, high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications. “We have been seeing increasing customer demand for Processor PMCs,” said Richard Kirk, Product Manager, Processors at Radstone Technology, “so the PrPMCQ2 is a valuable extension of our product line.  The PrPMCQ2 is ideal for use either as a stand alone processing solution or as a mezzanine add-on with Radstone’s market leading families of PowerPC-based SBCs.  We believe that its feature set and price/performance will make it attractive in a broad range of applications.” Capable of Monarch or non-Monarch operation, the PrPMCQ2 is based around the latest PowerQUICC II device which offers an embedded PowerPC core at up to 450 MHz, a communications processor at up to 300 MHz and memory interfaces at 100 MHz. Targeted at applications that require a high level of software and hardware integration within a ruggedized format (it is available in five ruggedization levels), the PrPMCQ2 also offers four high-speed serial channels, capable of R232, 422, 485 operation (software selectable), and configurable for synchronous or asynchronous operation. A further two channels provide an additional asynchronous capability useful for development debug and deployed operation on lower traffic lines. A single 10/100BaseT Ethernet channel completes the array of communications options.  Radstone’s Deployed Test strategy is fully implemented with a combination of BIT (comprehensive power-up built-in test firmware) and BCS (Background Condition Screening for non-destructive, continuous on-line testing). Also included in Radstone’s COTS software support are BSPs (Board Support Packages) and ESPs (Enhanced Support Packages) for WindRiver’s VxWorks, and LynuxWorks’ LynxOS.  BCS is delivered as part of the ESP.