Radstone Technology Announces Upgrade To Dual Processor PowerPC Card

PPCM1 features 2x price/performance of previous version Responding to customer requirements for even better price/performance, Radstone Technology today announced a processor upgrade for the company’s PPCM1 dual processor PowerPC card.  The latest version of the PPCM1 includes two Motorola 7457 PowerPC processors operating at 1 GHz, enabling the board to deliver twice the performance of the previous version in compute-intensive applications.  Radstone Technology is the world’s leading independent supplier of rugged, high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications. “This new version of the PPCM1 delivers a substantial improvement in performance while retaining absolute compatibility with the original PPCM1, providing a highly cost-effective upgrade path for our customers,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone’s Processor Group.  “Beyond that, we expect its ability to provide significant computing power in a single slot - thus reducing power and space requirements - will attract a broad range of new customers.” The PPCM1 Dual Processor PowerPC card – the first member of Radstone’s XtraPower™ family of COTS PowerPC processor boards - broke new ground at its introduction as the first rugged dual-processor SBC to feature a loosely-coupled architecture.  With this architecture, because each processing node is fully independent, the card delivers the full throughput of two complete SBCs - allowing better real-time performance and easier implementation by comparison with tightly-coupled architectures.  This also provides the opportunity to design a high degree of redundancy into a single VME slot.  “It’s not just about raw performance, however,” said Andy West, Software Marketing Manager, Processors, at Radstone Technology.  “The PPCM1 is supported by the industry’s most comprehensive Deployed Test software and deepest support services, which truly set it apart from its competitors.  Radstone’s commitment to providing our customers with the infrastructure necessary to guarantee a successful project is once again in evidence with the PPCM1.” Software available for the PPCM1 includes a VxWorks Board Support Package and Enhanced Support Package, boot firmware and the Deployed Test products Built-In Test (BIT) and Background Condition Screening (BCS).  The PPCM1 is also supported by Radstone’s unique Whole Program Life COTS™ philosophy, an approach that reduces the overall cost of ownership and provides industry-leading safeguards against obsolescence. The PPCM1 is available in five air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels, providing the optimum solution for the most demanding of applications.