Radstone Technology Announces High-Speed DSP Gateway PMC

Radstone Technology announces the PMC HH1 high-speed DSP gateway module. Based around the Analog Devices ADSP-21160, the PMC HH1 is a fully compliant PMC module designed to act as a high-speed data gateway to or from, Radstone's VANTEGRA-2 DSP SHARC based VME boards. The PMC HH1 can be situated on any host card that has an IEEE P1386.1/VITA 20-199x PMC site. It provides one Analog Devices ADSP-21160 DSP operating at 100MHz (600MFLOPs peak), six 100Mbytes/sec SHARC link ports at the front panel, a 32bit/33MHz PCI-to-SHARC interface and 4MB FLASH, which can be configured as boot or user FLASH. The PMC HH1 provides a high-speed data interface to Radstone's VANTEGRA-2 DSP product family in systems where the host such as an ADC or SBC does not use SHARC technology. The PMC HH1 allows a non-SHARC host to transfer very high-speed data to the VANTEGRA-2 family via the PMC HH1's front panel link ports. Similarly, it can be used in the reverse mode of getting data from a SHARC based sensor to a host that does not use SHARCs via the SHARC-to-PCI bus interface on the PMC HH1. The PMC HH1 provides full software support including Radstone's BSF for board configuration and initialization, Built-In-Test software, VxWorks driver support, Analog Devices VisualDSP and White Mountain Emulators and debuggers. There is also third party support from Eonic SystemsVirtuoso lightweight DSP RTOS. - ends -