Radstone Leapfrogs Competition With Announcement Of PowerPact3 IMP2A

Highest performance rugged 3U CompactPCI processor Demonstrating its continuing commitment to CompactPCI technology as the optimum architecture for small, lightweight systems in defense applications, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced the PowerPact3 IMP2A rugged 3U CompactPCI single board computer (SBC).  Designed around the Freescale 7448 PowerPC processor – operating at 1.4GHz, over twice the speed of the 7410 processor on the PowerPact IMP1A – the IMP2A is the first product in its class to offer two Gigabit Ethernet ports for maximum performance and configurability.  “It’s becoming evident that an increasing proportion of spending on defense projects is being directed toward smaller, lighter systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone Digital Processing.  “That trend is reflected in increasing demand for high functionality 3U CompactPCI solutions.  The PowerPact3 IMP2A offers our customers a technology insertion solution that leads the market in price/performance, and that is backed by an industry-leading commitment to long term support.” Designed for demanding applications with restrictive dimensional and/or weight requirements, the IMP2A packs a powerful SBC into an extremely space-efficient and lightweight 3U form factor.  The IMP2A is offered as a higher-performance alternative to the IMP1A, which remains in production and is ideal for budget-constrained applications.  Not only is the IMP2A’s processor clock speed faster than the IMP1A’s, it also features up to 512 MBytes of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory, 128 MBytes of Flash memory and a PCI-x capable PMC site.  It is also the first single board computer to use Radstone’s ‘embedded side bar’ technology which offers superior conduction cooling compared with competitive products. The IMP2A is available in five air/conduction-cooled ruggedization levels. The IMP2A is also fully supported at the chassis level by either the RDS evaluation/development chassis or the RT4 deployment chassis, Radstone’s application-ready CompactPCI platform which comprises four conduction-cooled 3U slots: the system slot is pre-loaded with a single board computer, leaving three slots for I/O and peripherals. The same comprehensive software support is provided for the IMP2A as the IMP1A. This includes board support packages for VxWorks and VxWorks6, with LynxOS and Integrity BSPs also planned.  The board benefits from Radstone’s industry-leading Deployed Test software modules, including built-in test (BIT) and Background Condition Screening (BCS). Pending availability of the Freescale 7448 PowerPC processor later in 2005, the PowerPact3 IMP2A will ship with the 1.1GHz Freescale 7447A processor.