Radstone Launches Rugged CompactPCI PC Card Carrier

Radstone Technology the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announces the Cardbridge PC Card (PCMCIA) carrier. A rugged CompactPCI PC Card carrier, Cardbridge brings pluggable PC Card functionality to space efficient rugged 3U CompactPCI architectures. Cardbridge is the only 3U CompactPCI PC Card carrier available in a range of ruggedization levels from commercial grade through to rugged air-conduction-cooled. Unique to the design, is the ability to fit a Compact FLASH module directly onto the PCB. This is essential in rugged applications and offers up to 3 GBytes of rugged storage with today’s technology. Applications for Cardbridge depend upon the functionality of the fitted PC Card. Typically, memory modules provide embedded rugged storage of up to 5 GBytes, while support for PC Card hot swap extends this functionality to a range of data logging and data download/upload applications. With the extensive range of PC Cards on the market there is the scope to add specialized functions, such as GPS or network interfaces, to bespoke COTS configurations without the need to embark upon costly development programs. Cardbridge is designed to complement Radstone’s range of 3U CompactPCI products including the RT4 PowerPact™ system which is available with a gasketed front door to allow PC Cards to be inserted and removed. This is particularly applicable when the RT4 Power Pact is used in a data logging application or when PC Cards are used to provide a standardized data interchange mechanism. A VxWorks interface library provides support for Wind River Systems TornadoTM environments and Cardbridge is supported by a full range of integration, qualification and through life services.