Radstone Launch Groundbreaking Product to Meet the Demands of Video and Graphics in the Rugged Environment

Radstone Technology the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announces Octegra2, its innovative video and graphics product. Octegra2 represents a step change in the functionality of video and graphics products in the rugged world as it is the foundation for video, imaging and graphics systems for the complex and demanding applications required in such environments. "Octegra2 is Radstone's response to the increasingly complex demands from the world's major systems integrators. It combines proven technology with state-of-the-art components and significant intellectual property built up over years of expertise in this area," said Simon Collins, Radstone's Graphics Product Manager. "Octegra2 is the first product to allow many video-input sources to be shared and displayed simultaneously on multiple displays. Its scalable architecture will allow multiple boards to share the video stream data." Octegra2 is supported by robust industry-standard graphics software from Seaweed Systems, a recognised leader in embedded OpenGL and X11 products. These libraries have been integrated and deployed in many of the world's leading platforms, including land, sea and airborne systems. Octegra2's first video expansion mezzanine, the VIM1 also provides four simultaneous video inputs to the Octegra2 motherboard. The VIM1 is capable of digitising PAL/NTSC/RS170 composite video, RGB interlaced and non-interlaced video, and digital video. Octegra2 provides a technology insertion path for users of the original Radstone Octegra, and represents a significant increase in drawing performance and functionality. Radstone is committed to an ongoing product enhancement roadmap, including processor and graphics accelerator upgrades. - ends -