Radstone Invests in the Development of a New Generation of Software for Advanced Signal Processing Applications

“Capability…  …far ahead of anything in the market today” Following the announcement in November 2004 of the establishment of the Advanced Engineering Design Center in Billerica, Massachusetts, Radstone Embedded Computing today provided additional insight into the role the engineering team will play in furthering Radstone’s strategy to lead the military COTS embedded market. With its mission to complement and reinforce the existing extensive hardware product portfolio, Billerica will become Radstone’s base for the design of a new generation of software that accelerates the development and production deployment of advanced signal processing applications requiring multi-processor systems. “Our customers have asked us to provide a modular integrated software environment that is intuitive, reconfigurable and scalable without compromising performance, and that will radically shorten their time to market and substantially reduce project costs,” said Peter Cavill, President of Radstone Embedded Computing.  “This is challenging, but the design goals are that the environment will deliver high throughput, low latency, reconfigurable communications that are highly scalable and that can be adapted to the most demanding data-intensive applications.  It will be capable of seamless migration from development to deployment; it will be easy to use, protecting the developer from the complexities of the underlying hardware; and by complying with industry standards, it will be independent of both hardware and RTOS.  Once complete, we will have a capability that is far ahead of anything else in the market today.” The new software architecture is designed to support interoperability between Radstone’s products today and future developments with seamless integration between the single board computer (SBC), signal processing and sensor I/O. Initial support will be for multiple Radstone G4DSP-XE Quad PowerPC Cards featuring the 7447A compute node. Initial product announcements of the new Radstone multiprocessing software environment are expected at the Military Embedded Electronics and Computing Conference (MEECC:  May 16-17th 2005 Long Beach, California).