Radstone Introduces COTS Liquid-Cooled ATR Chassis for High-Power Applications

Radstone Technology the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announces the availability of liquid-cooled variants to its ATR chassis range for conduction-cooled VME boards. Liquid-cooling represents a highly cost effective way of increasing the power budget for an electronic enclosure and is achieving widespread use in avionic and vetronic programs.  Radstone has taken bespoke liquid cooling technology and translated it into a set of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products ready for deployment. Initially, two form factors are offered: 1ATR Long Chassis and 1ATR Short Chassis. Deployment can be either by ‘plumbing’ the ATR into the existing vehicle wide coolant flow or by grouping it with its own pump and heat exchanger assembly in a closed loop configuration.  This latter option is particularly relevant to many current upgrade scenarios where the liquid-cooled ATR is placed ‘close to the action’, often replacing an existing box, and the pump/heat exchanger located remotely. The new liquid-cooled ATRs offer a number of performance benefits when using established IEEE 1101.2 compliant cards.  Typically, a program using a conventional COTS forced air-cooled ATR might be limited to 220 watts per chassis - an average of less than 20 watts per slot.  Radstone’s liquid-cooled ATR, tops 1000 watts even with modest coolant flow rates.  Putting this into perspective, an existing DSP subsystem might be limited to 2 or 3 quad PowerPC cards compared to Radstone’s liquid-cooled solution where the user could literally populate all 15 slots with high-power COTS conduction-cooled boards. There are efficiency benefits too.  The temperature delta down the hollow sidewall heat exchanger of a blown air ATR can be as much as 20oC or more.  This limits system level operation to 20oC less than the board level operating temperature.  The temperature delta in Radstone’s liquid-cooled ATR is only a few degrees and the system level operating temperature therefore approximates to that of the boards. Radstone’s liquid-cooled ATRs are suitable for use with a range of coolants including a 60/40 ethylene glycol/water mix and Polyalphaolefin (PAO). The new liquid-cooled ATRs share common components with existing Radstone ATR products.  Electrical and environmental performance data can be largely read-across and there is access to a range of proven sub-system components.  All Radstone chassis products are backed by a range of integration services.