Radstone Consolidates New Acquisitions, Creates Radstone Embedded Computing

Company will announce new products, discuss VME standards at 2005 Bus & Board Conference Radstone Technology today announced the consolidation of its core businesses with the unveiling of Radstone Embedded Computing, emphasizing the market focus of the part of the company that provides board-level solutions to major defense and aerospace contractors worldwide.  Radstone Embedded Computing comprises three key elements:  ICS, which develops and markets sensor processing solutions;  Octec, a leader in image processing solutions;  and Radstone Digital Processing with its unparalleled reputation for delivering state of the art processor, graphics, networking and systems solutions. “This is a logical progression in our development as a company for a number of reasons,” said Peter Cavill, President of Radstone Embedded Computing.  “First, our acquisitions have been deliberately planned to add value to our existing core competencies, bringing their strengths to the benefit of the company as a whole, and we are now leveraging the Radstone brand to complete the integration process.  Second, the new name more accurately defines and describes the business that we’re in.   And third, it enables us to make a clear distinction between the Radstone Technology corporate entity on the one hand, and its principle business on the other.  The change provides us with a solid base from which to move forward.” Radstone is once again a sponsor of the annual Bus & Board Conference (Long Beach, California – January 17th/18th  2005).  The conference focuses on interconnect technologies including VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, PC104, fabrics, motherboards, and mezzanine cards for embedded applications.  “The Bus and Board conference is a great way to start a new year – a year to which we’re looking forward with great enthusiasm and confidence,” continued Cavill.  “This past year has been an enormously exciting one for us:  we announced nine new products; we entered into strategic relationships with five key players in the industry;  we acquired Octec, which will bring important new capabilities and broaden our product offering;  we opened a brand new headquarters building;  and, most recently, we announced the creation of the Radstone Technology Center in Billerica, Massachusetts.  We expect to see considerable success in 2005 as a result of our achievements in the past twelve months.”  Peter Cavill will be a member of the Bus & Board Conference CEO Roundtable along with other key industry players (Monday January 17th, 2:10pm). Radstone will take the opportunity at Bus & Board to announce and demonstrate the first fruits of the company’s strategic relationship with the Aerospace Group of Parker Hannifin Corporation which will see the two companies collaborate on the development of a range of rugged, liquid-cooled  solutions that will substantially expand the performance envelope for COTS equipment in defense applications.  In addition, the recently-announced Octegra3 video/graphics processor will be demonstrated, and products from ICS will be featured in the Radstone booth. Also at the conference, David Compston – Director of Marketing at Radstone Embedded Computing – will deliver a presentation discussing developments in the VMEbus market, with specific reference to the newly-announced VITA-46 standard and how it will affect the industry. “VME continues to be a significant force in the embedded systems market,” said Compston, “and has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt to new technology challenges in a rapidly-developing industry.  VITA-46 demonstrates once again the strengths of the VME ecosystem, adding more capabilities and performance to a VMEbus technology core that allows it to address new applications.  I’m delighted to be working with the VITA marketing group to present the new VME technology roadmap, a roadmap designed to help direct users through the various options becoming available and that confirms the viability and the vitality of the VME standard.” Compston’s presentation will take place during the ‘VITA Roadmap Hour’ on the second day of the conference.