Radstone Announces the Rugged Memory Card Drive (RMCD), a Dual PC Card Reader for Military Vehicles

Radstone Technology announces the Rugged Memory Card Drive (RMCD), an environmentally sealed drive supporting up to two PC Card / PCMCIA V2.1 slots. Typically the RMCD will be located in a vehicle's crew area with the controlling host computer located in a remote equipment bay. Connection to the host computer is by means of a conventional SCSI-2 bus allowing standard SCSI drivers to be utilized. Separate SCSI input and output connectors allow multiple RMCDs to be connected in series. Both PC Card slots support type II (5mm thick) rugged "Full Metal" (IP54 or IP68) extended temperature range ATA FLASH memory cards. One slot supports 10mm thick Type III cards. To counter the effects of vibration, normal PC Card retention is supplemented by an additional mechanism engaged once the RMCD front door is closed and locked in place. With the front door open, individual eject buttons allow PC cards to be removed. Typical applications include the loading of map or mission data, diagnostic or operational data logging, test/maintenance support and software upgrades. As an option, the RMCD's PC card drive may be mounted inside any of the standard Radstone ATR or rugged chassis. In addition to memory card support this provides hardware support for modem and other PC Card I/O functions. The RMCD meets all five Radstone ruggedization levels, fulfilling the needs of both the industrial and military/aerospace markets. - ends -