Radstone Announces the PMC CAN, a New Dual CAN bus Interface Mezzanine

Radstone Technology announces the PMC CAN, a dual Controller Area Network (CAN) interface module designed to meet the needs of the fast evolving military vehicle electronics (vetronics) market. The provision of two independent CAN interfaces provides a high degree of flexibility in vehicle architecture design. For example, one CAN bus may be used for fast control loops operating at 1 Mbit/s while the other bus is used for less demanding control loops utilizing nodes operating at a much lower bit rate. Alternatively, two separate CAN busses may benefit determinism. One CAN network may be used exclusively for high priority hard real time requirements with less critical components allocated to the other. Each fully isolated CAN interface is based upon a Philips SJA1000 controller and supports CAN specification 2.0 part A and B (standard 11 bit and extended 29 bit identifiers).  The inclusion of PeliCAN mode features, provides improved error handling and the ability to disable automatic retransmission of messages, both key benefits for real-time military vehicle applications. PCI interfacing is by means of an on card DSP56301 processor which also provides efficient low level handling of the CAN bus interfaces. In addition, the provision of on card intelligence supports the migration to higher level protocols currently being developed for use in military vehicles. Software support includes Built-in-Test (BIT) and a message based VxWorks device driver structured to simplify the implementation of more common configurations while still able to provide low level register access to support adaptation to unique vehicle architectures. High data rates, sophisticated error detection mechanisms and lightweight software protocols mean that CAN is ideally suited vetronic command and control applications. Ergonomic benefits for the crew include improved access to vehicle performance data and simplified maintenance procedures. Operational advantages include the ability to support new weapon targeting techniques and electronic countermeasures. In keeping with Radstone's product strategy, the PMC CAN is offered across a range of five ruggedization levels, meeting the needs of both the industrial and military/aerospace markets. -ends-