Radstone Announces the G4DSP Signal Processor Board

Radstone Technology the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, rugged VME-based computer products, announces the G4DSP signal processor board.  The G4DSP series incorporates 4x MPC-7400 (with AltiVec) compute nodes to provide an extremely powerful signal processing engine. Providing in excess of 14GFLOPs, the G4DSP is targeted at applications where the highest levels of DSP performance are required such as RADAR, SONAR and other intensive signal processing applications. Each of the four MPC-7400 compute nodes comprises 128MB SDRAM, 18MB FLASH, 2MB L2 CACHE and an IBM-CPC710 64-bit / 66MHz PCI bridge.  By providing each G4 compute node it's own 64-bit / 66Mhz PCI bridge and not sharing it with other G4 compute nodes (loosely coupled), the G4DSP offers the highest PCI and memory bandwidth and the lowest latencies to optimize overall MPC-7400 processor performance. Inter-node communications are implemented via 64-bit / 66MHz non-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridges between the G4 compute nodes.  This offers 528 Mbytes/s (peak) node-to-node bandwidth between adjacent processor pairs with the benefit that only the nodes talking to each other see the their PCI traffic. The other nodes are free to do their own data transfers without bus contention or conflict.  "The key differentiator is the G4DSP's innovative, multi-PCI architecture", said Stuart Heptonstall, Radstone's DSP and Analog I/O Product Manager. "Only if you can get data in and out of the G4 processors effectively, can you realize the full performance potential of the G4 compute nodes.  The G4DSP's architecture provides customers with the highest inter-node performance and the lowest bus latencies to maximize the performance of the G4 processors and the overall system."  The G4DSP provides 2x independent 64bit, 66MHz PMC sites for data acquisition and multiboard connectivity.  These PMC sites will accommodate industry standard PMC modules from Radstone or third-parties.  Additionally, the G4DSP provides a 32bit / 33Mhz P0 PCI master / slave interface and VME64. As with the hardware architecture, software support is also open standard to protect software investment and ease development.  The G4DSP supports VxWorks / VxMP, ChaMPIon/RT and VSI/Pro from MPI Software Technology and the Virtuoso RTOS. This is backed up by Radstone's Built-In-Test (BIT) and driver support for PowerPC SBCs under VxWorks. The G4DSP is available in 5 ruggedization build levels for industrial or extended temperature, shock and vibration environments in either Air-Blown or Conduction-Cooled formats and with full software compatibility between build levels. - ends -