Radstone Announces PPCM2 Dual PowerPC Processor

Powerful, flexible, cost-effective Responding to customer demand for fully rugged, powerful, compact processing capability that delivers leading edge I/O, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced the XtraPower PPCM2 6U VME Dual PowerPC Processor.  Featuring two fully independent PowerPC 7448-based compute nodes, the PPCM2 also provides two StarFabric ports as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports and four serial ports. “The PPCM2 leads the market in terms of the performance it offers from a single slot, but its real time optimized architecture also offers an extremely cost-effective option for many multiprocessor systems,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager for Processors at Radstone Embedded Computing. “Beyond that, support for the latest generation of switched serial fabrics means that it is highly appropriate for a broad range of today’s applications, especially those demanding applications which require high bandwidth inter-board communication.” The loosely coupled architecture of the PPCM2 – in which each processor has its own memory resources – means that it is uniquely suited to the support of real time operating systems and real time applications, running separate instances of the chosen operating system per node.  Supported operating systems include VxWorks from Wind River, LynxOS from LynuxWorks and INTEGRITY from Green Hills Software.  Mission-critical applications also benefit from Radstone’s comprehensive Deployed Test software for the PPCM2. Each node has its own dedicated I/O resources including GPIO, serial and Gigabit Ethernet, and achieves superior I/O management by dedicating one PCI-X capable PMC to each processor.  Shared resources include further GPIO and USB 2.0 plus 2eSST VME and two StarFabric ports.  The PPCM2 features Marvell’s latest Discovery III Integrated System Controller supporting high capacity DDRAM, Flash memory and NVRAM.  The PPCM2 can be ordered in any one of five ruggedization levels, and is available for immediate delivery.