Radstone Announces Octegra3 Video & Graphics Processor for C4I Applications

“Significantly increased performance at a substantially lower price” Revealing what the company says is the most flexible, highest performance and most cost-effective rugged solution for image processing available, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced Octegra3, a video and graphics processor.  Targeted at a broad range of applications including C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence), Octegra3 provides a seamlessly transparent technology insertion for its predecessor, Octegra2.  “Octegra3 is a workstation-class single board computer in its own right,” said Simon Collins, Graphics Product Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing.  “Octegra2 was very well received by our customers, and Octegra3 brings significantly increased performance at a substantially lower price while retaining absolute compatibility.  We believe that there is no other COTS product that comes close to matching the unique set of benefits that Octegra3 brings:  we’re confident that it is truly a best-in-class solution.” Designed for demanding video and graphics applications in which one or more video/graphics sources are to be acquired, processed and distributed, Octegra3 leverages proven technology with state-of-the-art components and Radstone’s significant expertise and intellectual property in video processing systems, built up over a number of years.  Availability is scheduled for first quarter 2005. Octegra3’s increased performance derives from the uprating of virtually every component on the board.  A Freescale Semiconductor (a subsidiary of Motorola) PowerPC G4 7447A processor running at 1 GHz (with integrated 512 KBytes L2 cache) replaces the 400 MHz G3 750 processor; a 3Dlabs P9 VPU with 128 MBytes of double data rate SDRAM replaces two 3Dlabs Permedia 3 VPUs; the computing node of Octegra3 uses  256 MBytes of double data rate (DDR) SDRAM, compared with Octegra2’s use of single data rate (SDR) memory;  wider, higher speed bus architectures are implemented; and Octegra3 offers support for Gigabit Ethernet. The substantially reduced cost of Octegra3 is a result of a high degree of component integration, coupled with the use of a much simpler non-sequential manufacturing process compared to Octegra2’s sequential manufacturing process.  Octegra3 is uniquely flexible in that it features the ability to support up to eight simultaneous video inputs (via discrete Video Input Modules); dual independent channel output, allowing support of two separate displays; support of a range of ‘standard’ video formats (input and output) including RS170, NTSC, PAL, RGB (interlaced and non-interlaced) and DVI; and support of non-standard/custom video formats, with a unique menu-driven interface to allow easier, faster implementation. Software available for Octegra3 includes OpenGL, a VxWorks Board Support Package, boot firmware and built-in test (BIT).  Octegra3 is also supported by Radstone’s unique Whole Program Life COTS™ philosophy, an approach that reduces the overall cost of ownership and provides industry-leading safeguards against obsolescence. Octegra3 is available in five air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels, providing the optimum solution for the most demanding of applications.