Radstone Announces Industry's First Fully Rugged Hybrid FPGA/PowerPC Processor

V4DSP responds to demand for power, flexibility; provides support for ICS-8550 ADC XMC module Reflecting the trend towards reconfigurable computing and providing a solution for applications demanding increasingly powerful front end signal processing, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced the V4DSP FPGA/PowerPC Processor. Designed for the harsh environments typical of military and defense applications and featuring dual Virtex-4 FPGA processing nodes together with a Freescale MPC7448 PowerPC processor operating at speeds up to 1.4 GHz, the V4DSP also provides support for Radstone’s acclaimed AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software environment, enabling the development of highly scalable multiprocessor systems. “With this announcement, Radstone now has perhaps the industry’s most advanced, most complete rugged signal processing solution,” said Stuart Heptonstall, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing. “The V4DSP provides a powerful solution for front-end signal processing; the quad processor G4DSP family delivers outstanding performance in back-end signal processing; the StarSwitch StarFabric switch enables multiple V4DSPs and G4DSPs to be physically configured in highly scalable multiboard systems – and the AXIS software environment substantially eases development of leading edge, multiprocessor solutions.” At the heart of the V4DSP are two of the latest Virtex-4 FX 60/100 FPGA nodes from Xilinx, together with a top-end MPC7448 PowerPC featuring the AltiVec general purpose processing node, which can be used as the first back-end application processing stage - potentially saving on chassis slot count. Speed and ease of development and deployment are enhanced by the provision of wide-ranging software support including a Radstone Board Support Package to simplify user operations, and a comprehensive FPGA Intellectual Property (IP) wrapper called V-Wrap, which is Radstone’s pre-prepared set of VHDL interfaces to the Virtex-4’s embedded I/O and memory. The V4DSP features two StarFabric ports at the P0 connector to enable multiboard connectivity, and a choice of mezzanine support: either a 64-bit/66 MHz PMC site can be configured, or an XMC site equipped with eight MultiGigabit Transceivers to the two Virtex-4 nodes, each operating at up to 3.125 GHz to yield exceptional mezzanine bandwidth. Taking advantage of this bandwidth, the ICS-8550 ADC XMC module (also announced today) from ICS provides 210 MHz per channel simultaneous sampling and uses an on-board Virtex-4 FX device for filtering and pre-processing. “The combination of V4DSP and ICS-8550 gives an unrivalled front-end data acquisition and signal processing solution,” noted Heptonstall.