Radstone Announces AXIS Advanced Multi-Processing Integrated Software

Delivers performance, ease of use, flexibility, scalability Demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the tools necessary to develop and deploy complex multiprocessor PowerPC signal processing applications in the shortest time, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced its performance-optimized AXIS Advanced Multi-Processor Integrated Software environment at the Military Embedded Electronics and Computing Conference (MEECC) in Long Beach, California. “AXIS brings real value to our customers, because it delivers high performance and enormous flexibility – but is also very easy to use,” said David Tetley, Software Engineering Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing.  “It allows seamless integration and interoperability between Radstone’s single board computers, signal processing and sensor I/O and is designed to protect the developer from the complexities of the underlying hardware:  by complying with industry standards, it is independent of both hardware and the real time operating system.  We believe AXIS is far ahead of anything available on the market today.” The core of the AXIS software architecture comprises three integrated software elements. The AXISFlow Inter-Processor Communications element provides seamlessly scalable, high throughput, low latency, reconfigurable interconnects that facilitate data transport between tasks, processors, boards and systems.  The AXISView Multi-Processor Productivity Tools simplify the complexity of the underlying hardware with visualization and graphics capabilities - ensuring ease of use while maximizing user efficiency - combined with system monitoring and tracking functionality for optimal  system performance.  AXISLib Optimized High Performance Digital Signal Processing Libraries adhere to industry standards with comprehensive support for Signal and Vector Processing functionality with the most important algorithms tuned for the PowerPC AltiVec architecture. The integrated modular architecture provides significant flexibility, allowing the engineer to select the functionality required for the specific task with the ability to reconfigure or scale the system to meet future application demands. AXIS will initially provide support for multiple Radstone G4DSP-XE Quad PowerPC Cards.