Radstone Announce XtraPower - A New Family of Multiprocessor PowerPC Solutions

Radstone Technology, the world's leading independent supplier of leading edge, rugged VME-based computer products, announces XtraPower, a major new family of COTS PowerPC processor boards. Complementing Radstone's established PowerXtreme, PowerXpress and EmPower Single Board Computer (SBC) families, XtraPower delivers high performance, real-time optimized multiprocessor solutions to the rugged computing market. The first member of this groundbreaking family is the PPCM1, a dual processor card uniquely optimized for real-time applications and harnessing the capability of two complete SBCs within a single VME slot. The PPCM1 not only offers twice the true processing power, but also delivers significant cost and power savings. For existing or wholly new multi-slot processing systems, the PPCM1 provides an opportunity for reducing system slot count or dramatically boosting the processing performance within each slot. The PPCM1's unique, 2-in-1 space-saving technology delivers two fully-independent processor nodes, loosely coupled across a 64bit PCI bus. Each node features a Motorola 7410 PowerPC processor supported by its own local memory resources and a high bandwidth Integrated System Controller. In addition to providing high data-transfer rates to and from memory and between processing nodes, the Integrated System Controller also offers non-competing access to each node's own PMC site, minimizing potential data bottlenecks. For high-bandwidth, inter-board communication the PPCM1 also supports on-board Radstone PPzero, which extends the local PCIbus off-board, to be picked up by further PPzero enabled cards. "We saw a real need in our market place for increased processing power within a single slot, but we didn't want to be constrained by an architecture which could limit memory bandwidth and real-time performance," said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone's Processor Group. "The PPCM1's loosely coupled architecture avoids the constraints of a Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) architecture and makes best use of non-SMP real-time Operating Systems such as VxWorks. Its 2-in-1 design opens up a whole new and exciting range of solutions for system designers, with opportunities for cost, space and power savings." The PPCM1 is available in 5 air and conduction cooled Ruggedization levels, providing the optimum solution for the most demanding of applications. A comprehensive range of Radstone and third party software also supports the PPCM1, including Board Support Packages, Boot firmware and the deployed test products Built-In-Test (BIT) and Background Condition Screening (BCS). The XtraPower family builds upon Radstone's heavy investment in PowerPC technology since 1995 and is backed by Radstone's 35+ years of experience in supplying rugged electronic systems to the worlds industrial and defense market place. -Ends-