Radstone Announce PMCGA4: 4th Generation Technology Insert for Radstone PMC Graphics

Radstone Technology, the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications, announce PMCGA4, the latest in Radstone’s family of rugged ‘COTS’ PMC graphics products. PMCGA4 offers a major advance in graphics processing performance, providing a technology insertion opportunity for current PMCGAx users. The board maintains compatibility with a functional envelope first defined by Radstone in 1997. The board has been designed around the latest graphics technology, the P10 Visual Processing Unit from 3Dlabs. Delivering unrivalled performance in the rugged COTS market, PMCGA4 also includes a wide variety of input and output video formats to meet the demands of defense and aerospace systems designers. PMCGA4 produces high performance graphics symbology, which may be merged with digitized composite video input, providing superior situational awareness to key personnel in harsh and demanding applications. PMCGA4 is targeted at applications requiring the latest in graphics technology. Whether in airborne terrain visualization, digital mapping, radar applications, or land vehicle battlefield planning, PMCGA4 provides superior imagery from its state of the art hardware-accelerated functions. The board is capable of driving a wide spectrum of the displays in use in both new and upgrade programs, including RGB, composite and digital DVI, at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 with refresh rates up to 100 Hz. Simon Collins, Graphics Product Manager at Radstone, says: “We are very excited to be able to bring to market the first COTS graphics board based on the 3Dlabs P10 VPU. The P10 brings new levels of performance to the COTS market, and carries with it the 3Dlabs pedigree, which has benefited many of the world leading defence and aerospace applications.” PMCGA4 is supported by the Seaweed Systems X Window System and OpenGL® products, to provide industry standard APIs, and software compatibility with previous generations of Radstone graphics cards. Radstone is committed to continuing to deliver the best possible performance levels, while retaining backwards compatibility both electrically and through software. - End -