Radstone Announce ImPact: A Brand New Family of 3U CompactPCI Solutions

Radstone Technology the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announces ImPact, a major new COTS family of 3U Compact PCI products. ImPact brings together Radstone's expertise in PowerPC technology with their experience supplying to the defense market-place for over 40 years, and focuses on applications where space constraints demand a compact solution. Whether in a tank turret or in a UAV, ImPact offers an exciting new range of options to meet the need of the most demanding, severe environment requirements. The first members of the ImPact family are the IMP1A Single Board Computer and its companion PMC carrier card, the IMPCC1. An important feature of both these cards is their capability to integrate the whole of Radstone market-leading range of PMC's into a 3U CompactPCI solution. Both can support PMC's on a standard CompactPCI backplane of up to 8 slots, featuring single or multiprocessor solutions. The IMP1A packs a high performance PowerPC 7410 processor core into a 3U form factor and still finds space for a flexible range of I/O options including up to 2 Ethernet ports, two high speed sync/async serial ports and 12 bits of Discrete Digital I/O. Its all important PMC site extends its capability to include one of the many functions offered by Radstone's PMC's such as Graphics, Fibre Channel, Fast Serial, Flash Memory, MIL-STD-1553 etc. Coupled with the IMPCC1 Carrier Card and Radstone's comprehensive system integration services, ImPact offers the perfect one-stop solution for space constrained applications. "ImPact is an important addition to our existing product families, offering an even wider choice of solutions for system integrators", said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone's Processor Group. "We have responded to our customer's request for a small form factor option to fit into tight corners, not only with a high performance solution but also one stamped with the Radstone pedigree. All our expertise in design, manufacture and support services has been marshalled to ensure ImPact meets our customers real defense program needs." The Impact range is available in 5 air and conduction cooled Ruggedization levels, providing the optimum solution for the most demanding of applications. ImPact is also supported by a comprehensive range of Radstone and third party software, including Board Support Packages, Boot firmware and deployed test products including Built in Test (BIT) and Background Condition Screening (BCS) -ends-