Quantum3D, Radstone Announce Agreement

“…the combination of Radstone’s hardware and the IData software is a very persuasive one…” Quantum 3D and Radstone Embedded Computing today announced an agreement which sees Quantum’s highly-regarded IData graphical interface development environment and tools becoming available across the range of Radstone’s graphics processors, including Screaming Eagle, Octegra3 and the PMCGA4 and PMCGA3 mezzanines.  The agreement provides for Radstone to supply the technical support necessary for the IData software to be ported to the Radstone hardware environment, and for the two companies to undertake joint marketing initiatives that will promote the combined Quantum3D/Radstone solution for a wide range of applications - including simulation, cockpit display and unmanned vehicle ground station control - for defense customers.  Radstone’s graphics products are the only COTS hardware platform that will support Quantum3D’s flight-certifiable IData running on top of the Seaweed flight-certifiable OpenGL, making the combination especially attractive to customers for whom DO-178B software development is a critical program requirement for aircraft certification. “Our strategy is to make Radstone hardware the platform of choice for all the leading graphics software vendors, and to allow customers the widest possible choice in selecting the optimum development and deployment environment for their graphics applications,” said Simon Collins, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing.   “It’s certainly no coincidence that, at almost every industry trade show, Radstone’s graphics processors are the processors chosen to demonstrate sophisticated, powerful graphical environments like IData:  the fact is, no other manufacturer’s hardware makes software look as good.  We’re delighted to be working together with Quantum3D to offer such a compelling solution.” “IData has achieved worldwide recognition in terms of the power, flexibility, sophistication and ease of use it brings to the design of next generation human/machine interfaces, dramatically shortening development times and reducing development costs,” said Andy Pinkard, Director of Business Development for Quantum3D in the United Kingdom.  “This agreement with Radstone is exciting because the combination of Radstone’s hardware and the IData software is a very persuasive one – one which we look forward to demonstrating to key organizations throughout the defense industry.” IData is a suite of powerful, cost effective Human Machine Interface (HMI) tools developed by Quantum3D, Inc. It enables rapid prototyping, development, and deployment of dynamic and interactive cross platform 2D and 3D OpenGL-based HMIs for embedded systems, data display, and simulation applications, and dramatically reduces the development time and integration efforts typically associated with developing and deploying dynamic human/machine interfaces. Radstone’s range of graphics processors and mezzanines was extended still further in November 2005 with the announcement of the Pentium M-based Screaming Eagle SE1, a dual slot 6U VMEbus solution featuring the nVidia GeForce 7800GT chip set.  Screaming Eagle complements the Octegra3 PowerPC 7447A-based single board computer equipped with a 3Dlabs P9 VPU.  The Radstone graphics range is rounded out by the PMCGA3 and PMCGA4 PMCs. About Quantum3D Quantum3D develops and markets realtime, open architecture IG solutions, embedded visual computing systems, subsystems, development software and support services for the VSST and EVC markets. The company is privately held and is headquartered in San Jose, California, with development centers located in Phoenix, AZ, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL. For more information about Quantum3D and the Quantum3D family of open architecture visual computing solutions, please see www.quantum3d.com.